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2011.02.18 3rd International Symposium "Laser-Driven Relativistic Plasma Applied for Science, Energy Industry and Medicine"
2011.02.15 A flow of spins from rotational bodies
2011.02.15 AnXAS2011
2011.01.28 Revealing the origin of the ‘Hidden order’ in uranium compound
2010.12.22 JAEA starts test series to demonstrate safety characteristics of HTGR under loss of core cooling transients –First test of the loss of core flow tests has been finished–
2010.09.27 Thermoelectric power generation using insulators
2010.07.28 Elucidation of essential role of water on protein biological function -Observation of fluctuation of protein structure and hydration water by neutron scattering-
2010.06.21 Success in PET imaging of very small pheochromocytoma by using a novel radiopharmaceutical, 76Br-MBBG
2010.06.17 Ultrafast observation of nano-scale dynamics on the surface of metal
Expect to clarify the initial process of laser processing
2010.06.07 First observation of very long-lived spins in superconductors -Opening the way to novel superconducting quantum computing devices-
2010.04.15 Launch of a new nuclear data library JENDL-4.0 for nuclear research and development -Improvement of reliability for advanced usage of light-water reactors and development of fast breeder reactors-
2010.03.29 Knowledge Management System on Geological Disposal Technology made publicly available on the website
2010.03.29 Success in gaining a new insight into high-temperature water under pressure –Toward full understanding of water-
2010.03.23 Successful improvement of a high energy X-ray CT technique which takes the world’s highest resolution images
2010.03.17 Demonstration of Voltage Holding with World’s-largest Fine Ceramic Ring Progress on Development of 1 MV Accelerator for Heating and Current Drive in ITER
2010.03.15 The Plutonium-Use Plan for Research and Development in the Japan Atomic Energy Agency for Japanese Fiscal Year 2010
2010.03.11 Discovery of superdeformed shape in 40Ar -Approaching to the origin of anomalous deformation in neutron-rich nuclei-
2010.03.10 Achievement of acceleration voltage of 500 kV in dc photocathode electron gun for next-generation light-sources
2010.02.02 President's New Year's Message for 2010
2010.01.28 First observation of fast decomposition process of high temperature and supercritical water by ionizing radiation
2010.01.25 Novel radiation processing of polymer in aqueous system -Adsorbent being capable of removing metal ion with 2000 times' rate-
2010.01.22 Universal magnetic structure of the half-magnetization phase in Cr-based spinels determined using a neutron diffraction technique under a pulsed magnetic field up to 30 T
2010.01.14 Success in Technical Development for Advanced Irradiation Utilizations in JMTR -Development of Neutron-Irradiation Control Technology Leading Material Testing Reactors in the World-
2009.12.22 Success in High-voltage Acceleration in High-current Beam with Large Electrodes for Fusion Reactor -Huge Contribution to Development of Neutral Beam Injector of ITER-
2009.12.21 Creation of new fragrance cyclamen with novel pigment by ion beams
2009.11.30 Enhancement of reflected photons from a flying mirror moving at the speed of light -accelerating applications such as observing and controlling electrons in atoms and realizing ultra-high intense fields-
2009.11.16 World Record Output (1.5-times higher) Achieved on Microwave Generator for Fusion Reactor -New Method Applicable to ITER-
2009.11.05 Selectively Induced DNA Alterations by Monochromatic Soft X-rays from SPring-8
2009.10.20 The distinguish method of ferroelectric ice is established by the infrared absorption measurement -Neutron diffraction study boosts understanding of planet formation-
2009.10.15 Demonstration of Shotcrete Construction in the Horonobe Underground Research Laboratory Using Low Alkaline Cement -Development of New Technology for Safe HLW Waste Disposal-
2009.10.13 Demonstration of novel laser-based ion acceleration method using nanoparticle target –Breakthrough in the development of compact and low cost apparatus for Ion beam cancer therapy–
2009.08.27 Development of a special rotor for centrifugal separation of isotopes in solid or liquid
2009.07.30 Success in Observation of Oxyanion Hole in Serine Protease -Towards elucidation for catalytic mechanism of protease by neutron diffraction-
2009.07.28 Achieving the world record for X-ray Spectroscopy Experiment in Ultrahigh Magnetic Fields
2009.05.26 First Direct Observation of Fermi Surfaces Formed by ‘Heavy Electrons’ -Clue to the Mechanism of Superconductivity Coexisting with Magnetism-
2009.05.18 Development of reliable nuclide migration database -For safe geological disposal-
2009.05.14 JAEA efforts toward restart of the Monju fast-breeder reactor -Basic Concept-
2009.05.08 Fuel Safety Research Meeting 2009
2009.04.29 Nondestructive Assay Method of Hidden Explosive with Laser Compton Scattering Gamma-rays
2009.04.23 T2K Neutrino Beamline Started Operation
2009.04.23 DNA double-strand breaks in human cancer cells demonstrated by the irradiation of laser-accelerated protons -toward the development of laser-driven cancer-therapy accelerator-
2009.04.13 Observation of collective excitation of strongly interacting electrons for the first time in the world -Hopes for its application in clarifying the mechanism behind high-temperature superconductivity-
2009.03.17 Symbiotic nitrogen fixation in intact soybean plants is visualized non-invasively using the positron-emitting tracer imaging system (PETIS). -A first step to enhance food production-
2009.03.10 Success in Determination of Whole Atom Positions in HIV-Protease -Towards developing more effective anti-HIV drugs-
2009.03.06 The Plutonium-Use Plan for Research and Development in the Japan Atomic Energy Agency for Japanese Fiscal Year 2009
2009.02.05 Computer-based system WSPEEDI-II is developed for predicting atmospheric dispersion of radionuclides discharged by nuclear accident in the world.
-Prepare for the increase of nuclear power plants in the world-
2009.01.28 Protons are successfully accelerated and transported to J-PARC Hadron Experimental Hall
2009.01.21 Quantum Phase Transition at 0K is clarified in Uranium-based compound -New mechanism of superconductivity is suggested-
2009.01.14 International Workshop on Iron Related High-Tc Superconductors (IRiSes2009)
2008.11.21 CCSE of JAEA was nominated as a finalist in the SC07/SC08 analytics challenge for two successive years 2007 and 2008
2008.11.18 The long-standing scientific mystery of more than 100 years in Invar effect is to be revealed. -Discovery of local lattice distortion in a giant negative thermal expansion material-
2008.11.17 Discussion on the Domestic Production of Molybdenum-99 (99Mo) Using Japan Materials Testing Reactor (JMTR) is Started
2008.11.11 Identification of asbestos species in lung tissue by analysis of elemental distribution at living cell size resolution -A way to the high-sensitive diagnosis of asbestos lung-
2008.11.10 NISSAN AND JAEA EMPLOY NUCLEAR PHYSICS TO STUDY ENGINE LUBRICATION -Precision high-speed neutron imaging system is world’s first-
2008.10.29 Call for Nomination for Director of J-PARC Center
2008.10.21 Using radiocarbon to estimate potential impacts of warming on soil carbon storage -Toward a reliable prediction of feedback between climate change and global carbon cycle-
2008.10.20 Formation and decomposition of AlH3 in the aluminum-hydrogen system
2008.10.16 JAEA "Nuclear Energy Vision 2100: Toward a Low-Carbon Society" A Japanese Energy Supply-and-Demand Scenario for the Year 2100
2008.10.10 The Signing Ceremony of the R&D cooperation agreement between Institute for Materials Research, Tohoku University (IMR) and Japan Atomic Energy Agency (JAEA)
2008.10.09 Signing of the memorandum with the Al-Farabi Kazakh National University in Kazakhstan for cooperation in future education support in the field of high temperature gas-cooled reactor technologies
2008.10.02 Signing of Arrangement with Electricité de France for Technical Cooperation on the Fast Reactor Systems
2008.09.30 20th Anniversary of Collaboration in the Field of Radioactive Waste Management with the Swiss National Cooperation for the Disposal of Radioactive Waste (Switzerland)
2008.09.19 Development of highly durable polymer electrolyte membranes most appropriating to residential fuel cell system. - To overcome conflicting cell properties using radiation-grafting technique -
2008.09.05 - Successful demonstration of a key technology for the ITER Poloidal Field Coil - Test Coil Using Nb-Ti Superconducting Conductor Attained 52 kA at 6.4 T
2008.08.29 The 7th International Workshop on Polarized Neutrons in Condensed Matter Investigations(PNCMI2008) to be held as the 2nd International Symposium of Quantum Beam Science Directorate of JAEA (QuBS2008)
2008.08.28 Fabrication and high heat flux testing of a full poloidal length blanket/first wall mock-up of Test Blanket Module (TBM) for ITER have successfully been performed in JAEA
2008.08.26 Revision to the MOU among JAEA, CEA, and DOE concerning cooperation on demonstration/prototype Sodium-Cooled Fast Reactors
2008.07.29 Application of Safeguards Inspection using a New Safeguards Approach(Release)
2008.07.07 Development of the concrete wall structure which can drastically reduce radioactive waste
2008.06.18 Acceleration of radioisotopes opens up research on synthesis of elements at the explosion of supernova
2008.06.16 Exposure to heavy-ion radiation overcomes tumor radioresistance caused by Bcl-2 overexpression
2008.06.09 Signing of the memorandum with the Republic of Kazakhstan on cooperation for safety research on high temperature gas-cooled reactors
2008.05.30 J-PARC Center agreed cooperative program in the field of spallation neutron source development with Institute of High Energy Physics of Chinese Academy of Science
2008.05.30 J-PARC Project Newsletter Special issue
2008.05.23 MR:Successful injection of 3GeV proton beam, RF captured and extraction
2008.05.21 Completion of the world’s largest cryogenic hydrogen circulation system in J-PARC spallation neutron source -The high intensity neutron beam with the world’s highest performance is expected.-
2008.03.07 The Plutonium-Use Plan for Research and Development in the Japan Atomic Energy Agency for Japanese Fiscal Year 2008
2007.10.24 On the occasion of the designation of JAEA as Domestic Agency on the ITER Agreement (Statement)
2007.10.24 JAEA designated as Japanese Domestic Agency based on ITER Agreement
2007.08.20 Second Asian Summer School on Laser Plasma Acceleration and Radiations
2007.07.09 Inauguration ceremony for “Aomori Research and Development Center” and “International Fusion Energy Research Center” held on 3rd July 2007
2007.07.05 Conclusion of "Basic agreement on the execution of research and development concerning principal concept of FBRs"
2007.06.19 Development of a Computer Tool “FepMatrix” to Support Scenario Analysis for Safety Assessment of HLW Geological Disposal
2007.06.01 JAEA as the Implementing Agency of the Broader Approach Activities in the field of Fusion Energy Research
2007.05.29 Development of software for calculating atmospheric cosmic-ray spectra instantaneously with precision -Providing world-wide contour map of the cosmic-ray dose rates–
2007.05.25 Discovery of Superconducting Neptunium Compound
2007.05.15 Visualization of bubble collapse process in liquid metal and development of surface improvement technology
2007.05.14 Production of New Flower Variety by Regional Industry-Academia-Government Collaboration!
2007.05.09 HTTR fuel shows the highest quality in the world by 30 day full power operation
2007.05.07 JAEA concluded a Memorandum of Understanding with Kazakhstan National Nuclear Center (NNC)
2007.04.27 Fuel Safety Research Meeting 2007
2007.04.13 3 universities and JAEA start a new curriculum with a remote lecture course
2007.04.05 Ratification of Agreement Between the Department of Energy of the United States of America (DOE) and the Japan Atomic Energy Agency (JAEA) for Cooperation in Research and Development in Nuclear Science and Energy
2007.02.23 Acquisition of International Certification at Okinawa Monitoring Facility -Starting Operation of All CTBT Radionuclide Monitoring Facilities in Japan-
2007.02.23 The Plutonium-Use Plan for Research and Development in the Japan Atomic Energy Agency for Japanese Fiscal Year 2007
2007.02.19 Success of three dimension micro-fabrication using high energy proton beam writing (PBW).
2007.02.16 The number of clinical trials conducted for cancer research using JAEA’s reactor is over one hundred. –Contributions to advanced cancer therapy taking advantage of nuclear reactor technologies–
2007.02.07 Successful Completion of the International Cooperative MEGAPIE Experiment, the First Irradiation of a Lead-Bismuth Liquid Metal Spallation Target of the MegaWatt Class - A Great Advance towards Realization of Transmutation of Long-lived Nuclear Wastes -
2007.02.06 Japan and EURATOM sign a partnership agreement for the joint implementation of the Broader Approach Activities in the field of fusion energy research.
2007.02.06 Confirm inherent safety characteristics of HTGR such that the reactor becomes the stable state spontaneously even if the coolant flow rate reduces down to one third of rated value
2007.01.26 An achievement in JT-60 gives a perspective for higher performance operation in ITER -a plasma pressure can be 1.6 times with small rotational speed of 15% of previous estimation-
2007.01.24 Protons are successfully accelerated at the J-PARC Linac
2007.01.23 Fabrication technology has been successfully developed for First Wall of Fusion Reactor Blanket - JAEA leads technology competition of ITER Test Blanket Module -
2006.12.27 Notice for establishment on the policy of the Fast Breeder Reactor Research and Development Framework prior to the Start of the Preliminary Design
2006.12.20 Three Organizations Concluded "Joint Research Agreement for the Pioneering R&D with Quantum Beam Technology", Providing Innovative Progress through Mutual Utilization of Quantum Beam Facilities and Interchange of Personnel
2006.12.19 Novel Magnetic Ordering in Neptunium Dioxide NpO2 -Experimental confirmation of magnetic octupolar ordering-
2006.12.18 Report on President Tonozuka's Business Trip to Europ(Visit to France and Belgium, November 19 to 25, 2006)
2006.12.15 Confirm excellent and inherent safety characteristics of HTGR during an abnormal control rod withdrawal
2006.12.15 Paleoclimate reconstruction using pollen records from the past 300,000 years in the Tono area, Gifu Prefecture, Central Japan.
2006.12.07 Development of the environment-friendly elastic gels derived from the plant-resources.
2006.11.24 Conclusion of Collaboration Arrangement between the Belgian Nuclear Research Center (SCK•CEN) and the Japan Atomic Energy Agency (JAEA) for Cooperation in the Field of Research and Development of Nuclear Energy
2006.11.22 J-PARC Linac Accelerated Its First Beam
2006.11.16 The construction site for Broader Approach Projects in Rokkasho-mura has been decided.
2006.11.15 The experimental fast reactor Joyo received a historic landmark award of American Nuclear Society(News)
2006.10.30 Success in extracting a protein into ionic liquids1) -The protein in ionic liquids provides a new functionality as peroxidase-
2006.09.29 Development of Balance for Measurement of Impurity Gases in Metal - Measuring adsorption and emission gas amounts for quality control in resource recycling age -
2006.09.29 Change of the Plutonium-Use Plan for Research and Development in the Japan Atomic Energy Agency for Japanese Fiscal Year 2006
2006.09.28 Development of software for calculating atmospheric cosmic-ray neutron spectra -An improvement in the accuracy of aircrew dose estimation-
2006.09.22 Finding of anomalously large magnetoresitance effect in fullerene-cobalt thin films
2006.09.19 Development of Oxide Dispersion Strengthened Ferritic Steel Claddings for Sodium-Cooled Fast Breeder Reactor
2006.09.08 Response to the U.S. DOE’s notice of request for expressions of interest (EOI) in a design of a nuclear fuel facility and a sodium cooled fast reactor.
2006.09.04 Development of millimeter-wave antenna with electrically low-loss property by using radiation induced grafting technique
2006.09.01 Principle of photodisintegration nucleosynthesis in supernova explosion
2006.08.31 Development of New Emergency Call System for Avoiding Congestion Control on Telephone Line -"JAEA Emergency Call System"-
2006.08.08 Accomplishment of remote fusion experiment in high network security -A great advance towards remote experiment in ITER-
2006.08.07 JAEA succeeded in developing a bright positron beam to be used for microscopic analysis of surface nano-materials
2006.08.01 Phantom of bulk metallic glass Zr and Ti
2006.07.25 Production of high quality relativistic electron beams driving compact TW laser radiation interaction with plasma
2006.07.25 Agreement between JAEA and the DOE for Cooperation in Research and Development Concerning Nuclear Material Control and Accounting Measures for Safeguards and Nonproliferation
2006.07.18 The results of the 1st JAEA debriefing session
2006.07.04 Development of Sulfuric Acid Decomposer featuring Ceramic Heat Exchanger for Iodine-Sulfur Hydrogen Production Process -Progress in R&D on Nuclear Production of Hydrogen-
2006.06.26 Tokai Village Hospital collaborates with JAEA for a fulfilling cancer therapy using JRR-4 -A good collaboration between the Tokai Village Hospital and JAEA is started for BNCT clinical research-
2006.06.13 Report of President Tonozuka's business trip to Europe (Sweden, Finland and France)
2006.05.22 Invention of original tritium removal method using biological technology -Collaborative research result with Ibaraki University-
2006.05.09 Achievement of long sustainment of a high-confinement, high-pressure plasma in JT-60 -A big step towards extended burn in ITER with the use of ferritic steel-
2006.04.28 President Tonozuka's Foreign Business Trip Report (Visit to IAEA Headquarters, etc)
2006.04.27 JAEA successfully conducted a test simulating core-melt accident of FBRs jointly with Kazakhstan.
2006.04.25 Discovery of novel mechanism to protect plants from UV light -Plants could be more UV tolerant by increasing DNA content-
2006.04.21 Won the Global Energy International Prize
2006.04.04 A Cd-Yb alloy rich in order-disorder transition – clue to an understanding of the nature of quasicrystalline icosahedral lattice –
2006.04.03 Discovery of an important technique for development of a laser driven compact device for cancer therapy -Towards downsizing and diffusion of a proton cancer therapy machine-
2006.03.30 JAEA Publishes “Phase II Final Report of Feasibility Study on Commercialized Fast Reactor Cycle Systems”
2006.03.03 Extra-fine endoscope having laser irradiation function developed -Application to fetal and other treatments-
2006.02.28Controlling atomic states with laser pulses - A new method in separating materials with light -
2006.02.27 Distribution maps of anthropogenic radionuclides in the Japan Sea -Transport processes of radionuclides in the Japan Sea-
2006.02.21 Growth front of gallium-arsenide crystals determined by synchrotron X-rays
2006.01.24 Discovery of a novel DNA repair-related gene and its application to biotech industry
2006.01.13 Establishment of the JAEA Nuclear Engineering Research Collaboration Center -Promoting Basic Research through Collaboration with Industry-
2006.01.06 The Plutonium-Use Plan for Research and Development in Japan Atomic Energy Agency (Fiscal Year 2005 and 2006) (Tentative Translation)
2005.12.26 Report on Executive Vice President Toshio Okazaki's Visit to France (Ninth ENC 2005-The European Nuclear Conference, etc.)
2005.12.19 President Tonozuka US Visit Report
2005.12.14 Conclusion of Framework Agreement between the Japan Atomic Energy Agency (JAEA) and the Commissariat à l'Energie Atomique (CEA) for Cooperation in the Field of Nuclear Research and Development
2005.11.18 CCSE, JAEA Awarded "Honorable Mention" Recognition in High Performance Computing Analytics Challenge in SC|05
2005.11.10 Development of the small intestine endoscope for ileus
2005.11.10 Creation of standardization technology for quality control of automotive parts from technical patents of nuclear fusion research
2005.11.08 Fermi surfaces of a plutonium compound have been successfully observed.

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