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Y. Fukaya, M. Goto
Reduction of the source term of an assumed criticality accident in a fuel fabrication facility with solution system
Annals of Nuclear Energy, 164, p.108617_1 - 108617_6, 2021/12
K. Takamatsu, T. Matsumoto*, W. Liu*, K. Morita*
Comparisons between passive RCCSS on degree of passive safety features against accidental conditions and methodology to determine structural thickness of scaled-down heat removal test facilities
Annals of Nuclear Energy, 162, p.108512_1 - 108512_10, 2021/11
N. Fujimoto*, K. Tada, H. Q. Ho, S. Hamamoto, S. Nagasumi, E. Ishitsuka
Nuclear data processing code FRENDY; A Verification with HTTR criticality benchmark experiments
Annals of Nuclear Energy, 158, p.108270_1 - 108270_8, 2021/08
O. Myagmarjav, A. Shibata*, N. Tanaka, H. Noguchi, S. Kubo, M. Nomura*, H. Takegami
Fabrication, permeation, and corrosion stability measurements of silica membranes for HI decomposition in the thermochemical iodine-sulfur process
International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, 46(56), p.28435 - 28449, 2021/08
S. Ueta, K. Sasaki, Y. Arita*
Concepts and basic designs of various nuclear fuels, 5; Fuels for high temperature gas-cooled reactor and molten salt reactor
AESJ ATOMOΣ, 63(8), p.615 - 620, 2021/08
N. Tanaka, S. Sawada*, T. Yamaki*, T. Kodaira*, T. Kimura*, M. Nomura*
Improvement of HI concentration performance for hydrogen production iodine-sulfur process using crosslinked cation-exchange membrane
Chemical Engineering Science, 237, p.116575_1 - 116575_11, 2021/06
H. Q. Ho, N. Fujimoto*, S. Hamamoto, S. Nagasumi, M. Goto, E. Ishitsuka
Preparation for restarting the high temperature engineering test reactor: Development of utility tool for auto seeking critical control rod position
Nuclear Engineering and Design, 377, p.111161_1 - 111161_9, 2021/06
S. Atkinson*, T. Aoki, D. Litskevich*, B. Merk*, X. L. Yan
Part 3, Evaluating a small modular high temperature reactor design during control rod withdrawal and a depressurised loss of coolant accidents
Progress in Nuclear Energy, 134, p.103689_1 - 103689_10, 2021/04

International Conference


E. Ishitsuka, W. Mitsui*, Y. Yamamoto*, K. Nakagawa*, H. Q. Ho, T. Ishii, S. Hamamoto, S. Nagasumi, K. Takamatsu, I. Kenzhina*, Y. Chikhray*, H. Matsuura*, N. Fujimoto*
Report of summer holiday practical training 2020; Feasibility study on nuclear battery using HTTR core; Feasibility study for nuclear design, 3
JAEA-Technology 2021-016, 16 Pages, 2021/09
D. Tochio, S. Nagasumi, H. Inoi, S. Hamamoto, M. Ono, S.Kobayashi, T. Uesaka, S. Watanabe, K. Saito
Impact assessment for internal flooding in HTTR (High temperature engineering test reactor)
JAEA-Technology 2021-014, 80 Pages, 2021/09
N. Fujimoto*, K. Fukuda*, Y. Honda*, D. Tochio, H. Q. Ho, S. Nagasumi, T. Ishii, S. Hamamoto, Y. Nakano*, E. Ishitsuka
Mesh effect around burnable poison rod of cell model for HTTR fuel block
JAEA-Technology 2021-008, 23 Pages, 2021/06