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T. Takeda
Safety Studies on Hydrogen Production System with A High Temperature Gas-cooled Reactor
Nuclear Engineering and Technology, Vol.37 No.6, pp.401-420 (2005)
J. Aihara, T. Hojo, S. Furuno, M. Ishihara, K. Sawa, H. Yamamoto and K. Hojou
Recrystallization behavior in SiC amorphized with He or Ne irradiation
Nucl. Instrum. Methods Phys. Res. B Vol. 241 pp. 559-562 (2005).
T. Hojo, H. Yamamoto, J. Aihara, S. Furuno, K. Sawa, T. Sakuma and K. Hojou
Radiation effects on yttria-stabilized zirconia irradiated with He or Xe ions at high temperature
Nucl. Instrum. Methods Phys. Res. B Vol. 242 pp. 536-542 (2005).
J. Aihara, K. Sawa, Y. Furuya, T. Hojo, S. Furuno, H. Yamamoto, K. Hojou and M. Ishihara
Gas Release of SiC Implanted Deuterium or Helium
J. Am. Ceram. Soc. Vol. 88 pp. 2319-2321 (2005).
S. Hanawa, M. Ishiharaa and Y. Motohashi
Analytical study on biaxial strength of structural ceramics under tension-compression condition
Key Engineering Materials, Vols. 297-300, pp40-46 (2005).
J. Sumita, T. Shibata, M. Ishihara, T. Iyoku and N. Tsuji
Anisotropic deformation effect on the fracture of core components made of two-dimensional C/C composite
Key Engineering Materials, Vols. 297-300, pp143-147 (2005).
M. Ishihara, M. Yamaji, S. Baba and S. Hanawa,
Buckling fracture of two-dimensional carbon-fiber reinforced carbon-matrix composite
Key Engineering Materials, Vols. 297-300, pp201-206 (2005).
T. Shibata, J. Sumita, S. Baba, M. Yamaji, M. Ishihara, T. Iyoku and N. Tsuji,
Basic concept on structural design criteria for zirconia ceramics applying to nuclear components,
Key Engineering Materials, Vols. 297-300, pp728-733 (2005).
J. Sumita, T. Shibata, M. Ishihara, T. Iyoku and N. Tsuji
Annealing effect of thermal conductivity on thermal stress induced fracture on nuclear graphite
Key Engineering Materials, Vols. 297-300, pp1698-1703 (2005).
M. Nomura, S. Kasahara, H. Okuda and S. Nakao
Evaluation of the IS process featuring membrane techniques by total thermal efficiency
International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, Vol.30, Issues 13-14, pp.1465-1473 (2005).
M. Nomura, H. Okuda, S. Kasahara and S. Nakao
Optimization of the process parameters of an electrochemical cell in the IS process
Chemical Engineering Science, Vol.60, Issue 24, pp. 7160-7167 (2005).

International Conference

S. Kasahara, R. Hino, S. Kubo, K. Onuki, M. Nomura and S. Nakao
Flowsheet study of the thermochemical water-splitting IS process for effective hydrogen production.
AIChE 2005 Spring National Meeting, April 10-14, 2005, Atlanta, Georgia, USA, paper No. 75A.
N. Sakaba, T. Matsuzawa, Y. Hirayama, S. Nakagawa, T. Nishihara and T. Takeda
Evaluation of permeated hydrogen through heat transfer pipes of the intermediate heat exchanger during the initial 950°C operation of the HTTR,
2005 International Congress on Advances in Nuclear Power Plants (ICAPP 05), Seoul, Korea, May 15-19, 2005, Paper No. 5159.
A. Terada, S. Kubo, H. Okuda, S. Kasahara, N. Tanaka, H. Ota, A. Kanagawa, K. Onuki and R. Hino
Development Program of hydrogen production by thermo-chemical water splitting IS process.
13th International Conference on Nuclear Engineering (ICONE-13), May 16-20, 2005, Beijing, China, Paper No. 50183.
A. Kanagawa, S. Kasahara, A. Terada, S. Kubo, R. Hino, Y. Kawahara, M. Watabe, H. Fukui, K. Ishino and T. Takahashi
Conceptual design of SO3 decomposer for thermo-chemical Iodine-Sulfur process pilot plant.
ICONE-13, Paper No. 50451.
H. Ota, A. Terada, S. Kubo, S. Kasahara, M. Hodotsuka, R. Hino, T. Inatomi, K. Ogura,M. Kobayashi and S. Maruyama
Conceptual design study on sulfuric-acid decomposer for thermo-chemical Iodine-Sulfur Process.
ICONE-13, Paper No. 50494.
H. Ohashi, T. Nishihara, T. Takeda and Y. Inagaki,
Component Tests on Research and Development of HTTR Hydrogen Production System
ICONE-13, Paper No. 50536.
T. Shibata, J. Sumita, S. Baba, M. Yamaji, M. Ishihara, K. Sawa and T. Iyoku
Tensile strength of two-dimensional C/C composite with its microstructure for nuclear application
2nd JSME/ASME International Conference on Materials and Processing 2005 (M&P2005), June 19-22, Seattle, U.S.A, CMC-11.
Y. Motohashi, M. Kikuchi, T. Ito, T. Shibata, M. Ishihara and K. Sawa
Flat cavities formed in superplastically deformed 3Y-TZP and their effect on elongation
M&P2005, SUP-05
T. Shibata , Y. Motohashi, M. Ishihara, K. Sawa, S. Baba, T. Ito and J. Sumita
Some Changes in Superplastic Behavior of 3Y-TZP Caused by Neutron Irradiation
M&P2005, SUP-08
N. Sakaba, Y. Tachibana, S. Nakagawa and S. Hamamoto
Structural integrity assessments of helium components in the primary cooling system during the safety demonstration test using the HTTR
18th International Conference on Structural Mechanics in Reactor Technology (SMiRT-18), August 7-12, 2005, Beijing, China, S03-1.
S. Katanishi and K. Kunitomi
Safety Evaluation on the Depressurization Accident in the Gas Turbine High Temperature Reactor (GTHTR300), 18th International Conference on Structural Mechanics in Reactor Technology (SMiRT-18), August 7-12, 2005, Beijing, China, S03-2.
J. Sumita, T. Shibata, S. Nakagawa, S. Hanawa, T. Iyoku and M. Ishihara
Temperature evaluation of core components of HTGR at depressurization accident considering annealing recovery on thermal conductivity of graphite
SMiRT18, W101-6.
S. Hanawa, J. Sumita, T. Shibata, M. Ishihara, T. Iyoku and K. Sawa
Stress analysis of two-dimensional C/C composite components for HTGR's core restraint mechanism
SMiRT18, C06-1.
M. Goto, N. Nojiri and S. Shimakawa,
Nuclear data sensitivity in the HTGR design
12th International Conference on Emerging Nuclear Energy Systems (ICENES2005), Aug. 21-26, 2005, Brussels, Belgium
K. Takamatsu, S. Nakagawa and T. Iyoku
Analytical Results of Coolant Flow Reduction Test in the HTTR
11th International Topical Meeting on Nuclear Reactor Thermal-Hydraulics (NURETH-11), Oct. 2-6, 2005, Avignon, France, Paper No. 283.
K. Hayashi, H. Ohashi, N. Morisaki, Y. Inaba and Y. Inagaki
Experimental Results of Start-up and Shutdown Test on HTTR Hydrogen Production System Using Mock-up Test Facility
International Conference on Nuclear Energy System for Future Generation and Global Sustainability (GLOBAL 2005), Oct.9-13, 2005, Tsukuba, Japan, paper 252.
M. Subekti, T. Ohno, K. Kudo, K. Takamatsu and K. Nabeshima
Full-Integrated System of Real-Time Monitoring Based on Distributed Architecture for High Temperature Engineering Test Reactor (HTTR).
N. Sakaba and Y. Hirayama
Helium chemistry in high-temperature gas-cooled reactors, Chemistry control for avoiding Hastelloy XR corrosion in the HTTR-IS system
GLOBAL 2005, Paper No.263.
T Nishihara, H. Ohashi, T. Murakami and Y. Inagaki
Analytical Study on Hydrogen Dispersion in the HTGR Hydrogen Production System
GLOBAL 2005, Paper No.284.
T. Takeda, T. Nishihara and K. Kunitomi
Deployment Scenario of GTHTR300 Cogeneration System
GLOBAL 2005, Paper No.325.
T. Shibata, S. Hanawa, J. Sumita, T. Tada, K. Sawa and T. Iyoku
Non-destructive Evaluation on Mechanical Properties of Nuclear Graphite with Porous Structure
GLOBAL 2005, Paper No.360.
A. Terada, S. Kubo, H. Okuda, S. Kasahara, N. Tanaka, H. Ota, S. Ishikura, K. Onuki and R. Hino
Development of Hydrogen Production Technology by Thermo-Chemical Water Splitting IS Process.
GLOBAL 2005, Paper No.427.
S. Kubo, H. Nakajima, S. Shimizu, K. Onuki, and R. Hino
A Bench Scale Hydrogen Production Test by the Thermochemical Water-splitting Iodine-Sulfur Process.
GLOBAL 2005, Paper No.474.
S. Shiozawa, M. Ogawa and R. Hino
Development Status on Hydrogen Production Technology Using High-Temperature Gas-Cooled Reactor at JAEA, Japan
European Nuclear Conference 2005 (ENC2005), Versailles, France, Dec. 11-14, 2005, Paper No. 225.


N. Sakaba, Y. Tachibana, K. Onuki, Y. Komori and M. Ogawa
JAERI's hot stuff,
Nuclear Engineering International, Vol.50, No.612, pp.20-22, (2005).
S. Nakagawa, N. Sakaba, K. Takamatsu, E. Takada, D. Tochio and H. Owada
Safety Demonstration Test (SR-3/S1C-3/S2C-3/SF-2) Plan using the HTTR (Contract Research)
JAERI-Tech 2005-015(2005)