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K. Takamatsu
A Rapid evaluation method of the heat removed by a VCS before rise-to-power tests
Journal of Thermal Science, 24-3, (2015)295-301.
Y. Fukaya, K. Kunitomi, M. Ogawa
Study on reduction of potential radiotoxicity for spent fuel by using HTGR
Transactions of the Atomic Energy Society of Japan, 14-3, (2015)189-201.
Y. Fukaya, M. Goto, T. Nishihara
Study on erbium loading method to improve reactivity coefficients for low radiotoxic spent fuel HTGR
Nuclear Engineering and Design, 293, (2015)30-37
Dipu. A. L, H. Ohashi, S. Hamamoto, H. Sato, T. Nishihara
Assessment of amount and concentration of tritium in HTTR-IS system based on tritium behavior during high-temperature continuous operation of HTTR
Philippine Journal of Science, 88, (2016)126-134
Haneklaus. N, Reyes. R, Lim. W. G, Tabora. E.U, Palattao. B.L, Petrache. C,
Vargas.E.P, K. Kunitomi, H. Ohashi, N. Sakaba, H. Sato, M. Goto, Yan. X,
T. Nishihara, Tulsidas.H, Reitsma. F, Tarjan. S, Sathrugnan. K, Jacimovic. R,
Khaledi. N, Birky. B. K, Schnug.E
Energy neutral phosphate fertilizer production using high temperature reactors; A Philippine case study
Philippine Journal of Science, 144-1,(2015)69-79
Y. Kawamoto, H. Nakaya, H. Matsuura, K. Katayama, M. Goto, S. Nakagawa
Study on operation scenario of tritium production for a fusion reactor using a high temperature gas-cooled reactor
Fusion Science and Technology, 68-2(2015)397-401

International Conference

H. Sato, J. Sumita, A. Terada, H. Ohashi, Yan. X, T. Nishihara, Y. Tachibana, Y. Inagaki
HTTR demonstration program for nuclear cogeneration of hydrogen and electricity
23rd International Conference on Nuclear Engineering (ICONE-23), Chiba, Japan, May17-21, 2015
S. Kasahara, T. Murata, Y. Kamiji, A. Terada, Yan. X, Y. Inagaki, M. Mori
Heat transport analysis in a district heating and snow melting system in Sapporo and Ishikari, Hokkaido applying waste heat from GTHTR300
23rd International Conference on Nuclear Engineering (ICONE-23), Chiba, Japan, May17-21, 2015
H. Sato, H. Ohashi, S. Nakagawa, Y. Tachibana, K. Kunitomi
Safety design consideration for HTGR coupling with hydrogen production plant
4th International Symposium on Innovative Nuclear Energy Systems (INES-4), Tokyo, Japan, November6-8, 2013
M. Goto, K. Demachi, S. Ueta, M. Nakano, M. Honda, Y. Tachibana, Y. Inaba, J. Aihara, Y. Fukaya, N. Tsuji, M. Takahashi, Y. Saiki, K. Hayato, K. Kunitomi, K. Ohashi, K. Kitagawa, K. Okamoto
Conceptual study of a plutonium burner high temperature gas-cooled reactor with high nuclear proliferation resistance
21st International Conference \& Exhibition; Nuclear Fuel Cycle for a Low-Carbon Future (GLOBAL 2015), Paris, France, September20-24, 2015
H. Sato, Yan. X, J. Sumita, A. Terada, T. Nishihara,
Automated control for electric-thermal load following operation in nuclear gas turbine cogeneration system
International Gas Turbine Congress 2015 (IGTC 2015), Tokyo, Japan, November15-20, 2015
I. Ioka, Y. Kuriki, J. Iwatsuki, S. Kubo, Y. Inagaki
Development research of corrosion-resistant structural material using Fe-Si alloy lining centrifugal cast-iron for thermochemical water-splitting iodine-sulfur process
23rd International Conference on Nuclear Engineering (ICONE-23), Chiba, Japan, May17-21, 2015


K. Tatematsu, H. Matsumoto
Assessment report of research and development activities in FY2014; Activity "Research and development on high-temperature gas-cooled reactor and related hydrogen production technology"
JAEA-Evaluation 2015-001
Y. Nomoto, J. Aihara, S. Nakagawa, K. Isaka, H. Ohashi
HTFP for calculation of amount of additionally released fission products from fuel rods of pin-in-block-type high temperature gas-cooled reactors during accident
JAEA-Data/Code 2015-008
Y. Fukaya, M. Goto, T. Nishihara
Study on innovative HTGR to reduce generation of potential radiotoxicity
JAEA-Research 2015-023
Y. Fukaya, M. Goto, T. Nishihara
Development on nuclear design model for detailed design of clean burn HTGR
JAEA-Technology 2015-017
J. Aihara, S. Ueta, T. Nishihara
Application of FORNAX-A
JAEA-Technology 2015-040
Y. Inaba, Lee. T, S. Ueta, S. Kasahara, Y. Honda, Lee. H, Kim. E, Cho. M, Bae. K, N. Sakaba
Proceedings of 7th KAERI-JAEA Information Exchange Meeting on HTGR and Nuclear Hydrogen Technology; November 5th-6th, 2015, JAEA Oarai Research and Development Institute, Oarai, Japan
JAEA-Review 2015-04
S. Kubo, J. Iwatsuki, H. Takegami, S. Kasahara, N. Tanaka, H. Noguchi, Y. Kamiji, K. Onuki
Research and development on chemical reactors made of industrial structural materials and hydriodic acid concentration technique for thermochemical hydrogen production IS process
JAEA-Technology 2015-028