Structure of HTGRs

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HTGRs have coated fuel particle for its fuel. This paticle has UO2 kernel with fourfold ceramic coating and its diameter is smaller than 1mm. Its coating protects the UO2 kernel and confines fission products generated by nuclear fission. The ceramic coating offers resistance to high temperatures so that it will not failure even at temperature of 1600 deg C.

For the core structure of HTGRs, graphite is applied. Graphite has high radiaiton hardness, heat resistance and thermal conduction, and low neutron absorption characteristic so that it has an ablitity to keep its fuel and nuclear chain reaction by moderating fast neutron.

For the coolant of HTGRs, helium gas is applied. Since helium gas is an inert gas, it can carry heat at high temeprature ranges without any chemical reactions between the fuel, structure material and coolant.

Fuel of the HTTR