News & Topics for FY '17

News & Topics

  • May 18, 2017; Poland NCBJ, England URENCO signed a Memorandum of Understanding of Cooperation on High Temperature Gas-cooled Reactor Technology. May 19, 2017; Press announcement
  • Aug. 9, 2017; Overseas Strategy Review Working Group 1st meeting, High Temperature Gas-cooled Reactor Industry and Academic Government Council. Aug. 31, 2017; 2nd meeting.

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  • May 22, 2017; "Japan Atomic Energy Agency began technical cooperation with Britain and Poland for overseas deployment." 2nd page of the Denki Shimbun etc.
  • Sep. 17, 2017; "Government will consider exporting next generation nuclear reactor "High temperature Gas-cooled Reactor" to Poland" 1st page of NIKKEI etc.