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Applied Laser Research

Tsurusoken develops laser technology useful in the site of nuclear power plants. We disseminate the results of excellent laser technology with safety and toughness obtained through such work to domestic and overseas, and spread it as an advanced industrial technology.

Application of laser technology to the field of nuclear energy

  • Research and development of laser technology
  • Expansion of research and development technology

Collaboration with companies

  • Conducting joint research with companies and universities
  • Supporting industry-academia collaboration projects

Acceptance of trainees

  • Acceptance of trainees during summer vacation
  • Holding laboratory tours

Cooperation with companies image
Cooperation with companies
Acceptance of trainees image
Acceptance of trainees

Introduction of Applied Laser Research and Development

to Melting with Laser

"Melt" with Laser

to Cut with Laser

"Cut" with Laser

to Introduction of Equipment

Introduction of Equipment