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Director, Tsuruga Comprehensive Research and Development Center

My name is UNO Masayoshi, the director of the Tsuruga Comprehensive Research and Development Center (Tsurusoken).

Tsurusoken is a new research and development center established in April 2018, and works on the activities "aiming for locally rooted center" every day. Our main activities cover a wide range of fields such as research and development on applied laser technology, knowledge preservation related to “Monju”, research and development related to sodium engineering, and support for local industries, human resource development, international cooperation and industry-academia-government collaboration. We believe that our activities will contribute to the “Reinan E-Coast Plan”.

There are several nuclear power plants in Fukui Prefecture that have been decided to be decommissioned including “Fugen” and “Monju” of JAEA, and the decommissioning business will get into full swing. To proceed with the business, the establishment, standardization and efficiency of technology are required on the premise of ensuring the safety of local residents and workers. In response, there are local companies that have supported the maintenance and repair of 15 nuclear reactors in the prefecture. Utilizing their experience and capabilities, they are expected to become the core of a group of companies that lead the decommissioning business.

In order to support and accelerate such movements, JAEA established the "Fukui Smart Decommissioning Technology Demonstration Base (Sumadeco)" as part of the Regional Science and Technology Demonstration Base Establishment Project of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology and the operation started in June of 2018.

Sumadeco has welcomed more than 1,000 visitors since established, mainly from the local companies and organizations. In addition, it has been used for technical training in decommissioning, and study, research and technological development related to decommissioning conducted by each company.

We will continue to collaborate with local related organizations in the region and obtain the cooperation of economic organizations to support the technological improvement of regional companies. Furthermore, we will make effective use of Sumadeco facility to solve technological problems aimed at promoting rational decommissioning.

In addition, characteristic of Fukui Prefecture is that universities and research institutes related to nuclear energy are centrally located. Taking advantage of this regional strength, JAEA actively works on industry-academia-government collaboration in order to bring out the synergistic effects of R&D and human resource development. JAEA also initiatively participates in joint research with universities and organizations in the prefecture and human resource development such as students who will play important roles for future decommissioning.

I appreciate your continued understanding and support for Tsurusoken, JAEA.

April 2020

UNO Masayoshi


Tsuruga Comprehensive Research and Development Center

Japan Atomic Energy Agency


The organizational chart of Tsuruga Comprehensive Research and Development Center (Tsurusoken) is as follows.


Main Activities

Our main activities are as follows.

Research and Development

We work on research and development for advanced laser processing technology, research and development in Sodium Engineering Research Facility (SERF), and knowledge preservation related to “Monju”.

Technological Exchange

We provide technological exchange such as technological consultation and technological development with local companies in Fukui Prefecture. By utilizing JAEA's research results and patents, we support the local companies to develop new products and merchandise other than the field of nuclear energy.

Operation of a Facility for Shared Use

In the "Fukui Smart Decommissioning Technology Demonstration Base (Sumadeco)" which is the facility for shared use, we provide technological seeds on decommissioning to local companies, improve their technical capabilities through demonstrations and support them to entry into the decommissioning business.

International Cooperation

We work on international cooperation for research and development, supporting for training nuclear specialists, and research exchange with overseas organizations.

Human Resource Development

We work on developing human resources for the next generation by providing educational support and teaching materials related to "environment, radiation and energy" to elementary schools, junior high schools and senior high schools in Fukui Prefecture.

In addition, by utilizing the Sodium-Handling Training Facility and the Maintenance Technology Facility, we are engaged in employee education on sodium handling technology and maintenance technology to promote the project safely.