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“Fukui Smart Decommissioning Technology Demonstration Base” ("Sumadeco")

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Three Fields

“Fukui Smart Decommissioning Technology Demonstration Base” (hereinafter abbreviated as "Sumadeco") was adopted by the support policy "Regional Science and Technology Demonstration Base Establishment Project" of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology in the supplementary budget for fiscal 2016. The construction of “Sumadeco” started in May, 2017 and the operation began in June, 2018.

This facility is a base to support the growth of local companies about technology concerning the decommissioning of nuclear power plants, and to help the industry-academia-government to contribute cooperatively to the development of the regional economy and resolving the issues of decommissioning, and consists of the above three fields.

JAEA’s Approach to Decommissioning

Decommissioning means that nuclear facilities such as nuclear power plants which were shut down are to be dismantled safely after radioactive materials are removed. In the decommissioning of the Prototype Advanced Thermal Reactor Fugen (hereafter referred to as “Fugen”) and the Prototype Fast Breeder Reactor Monju (hereafter referred to as “Monju”), dismantling the facilities have been proceeded safely and rationally with consideration for the facilities required to be operated and maintained after the reactor shut down, in accordance with the Reactor Regulation Act.

JAEA intends to actively publish the results of technical development for the decommissioning and the accomplishments gained through the decommissioning process while promoting collaboration and technical cooperation with the related organizations so that other nuclear facilities in Japan involved in decommissioning are able to utilize them effectively.

Vision of "Sumadeco"

In Fukui Prefecture, there are 15 nuclear reactors of various types, many companies being engaged in the nuclear industry, and many nuclear-related education and research institutions.

Utilizing these advantages, "Sumadeco" was established as a base to support the growth of local companies to provide them with the place where they can consistently work on decommissioning technology from basic research to demonstration.

Establishment of "Sumadeco"

While the necessity for decommissioning of nuclear power plants has been increasing domestically and internationally, JAEA supports the enhancement of technical capabilities of local companies leading the decommissioning business to contribute to local economic development and business solutions for decommissioning, taking advantage of the characteristic of Fukui Prefecture and cooperating with electric power suppliers in the Wakasa area.

Advantages of Fukui Prefecture

Approximately one quarter of nuclear power plants in Japan including the first commercial light water reactor in the country are located in Fukui Prefecture.

★Companies in Fukui Prefecture have been engaged in the construction, maintenance, operation, and inspection of nuclear power plants in the prefecture for a long time, and are familiar with nuclear power plants.

A lot of educational and research infrastructures such as Japan Atomic Energy Agency (JAEA), Research Institute of Nuclear Engineering, University of Fukui, the Wakasa Wan Energy Research Center, and Fukui International Human Resources Development Center for Atomic Energy are located in Tsuruga city.

★Fukui Prefecture has a collaboration basis under the Reinan E-Coast Plan.

Outline of the Reinan E Coast Plan

(See the link: The website of Fukui Prefecture)

The Reinan E Coast Plan

(See the link: The website of Fukui Prefecture)

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Deployment for Nationwide and Worldwide Markets

We aim to establish a solid foundation for the decommissioning business and form a group of related companies by facilitating participation of the companies in the prefecture into the decommissioning business by enhancing their technological capabilities.

Sumadeco cooperation system diagram

Tsurusoken Mascot Character

Characters with motifs in each field of the facility for shared use, “Fukui Smart Decommissioning Technology Demonstration Base” ("Sumadeco") in Tsurusoken.


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"Decommissioning Dismantling Technology Demonstration Field"

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"Laser Processing Test Field"


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"Decommissioning Mock-up Test Field"

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Usage status of "Sumadeco"

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