Development of Human Resources

Acceptance of Students

For the purpose of developing human resources in the field of nuclear energy, Tsurusoken accepts university students, graduate students, and 4th grade or above students in colleges of technology in Japan as "Summer Intern students" during summer vacation or "Guest Student Researchers" under JAEA's internship programs.

Summer Internship

We provide practical training to students who have applied for some of the themes JAEA has offered.

Summer Internship image

Summer Internship

Training Program for "Guest Student Researcher"

We provide "Guest Student Researchers" with training courses including practical work, facility tours and lectures according to the themes desired by students.

Practical experience of sodium handling,Operational training using a simulator,Training for students

Training for students

Number of the Acceptance of Students

From fiscal 2015 to 2021, we accept about 20 to 30 students per a year for summer internship, training courses for "Guest Student Researchers", and training courses for university students at the request of universities.

Training acceptance record