Development of Human Resources

Support for Energy Education

Tsurusoken works on dispatching lecturers and lending teaching materials for science experiment to elementary, junior high and high schools in Fukui Prefecture in order to expand learning opportunities for the themes such as radiation, environment and energy.

Dispatching Lecturers

We dispatch the lecturers in fields of radiation, environment, and energy to schools to support science education.

Radiation and our lives by a lecturer image

"Radiation and our lives" by a lecturer

Lending of Teaching Materials for Science Experiment

We lend teaching materials for science experiment on radiation, environment and energy to the schools.

Teaching Materials photo

Examples of teaching materials for science experiment

Exhibition at Events

We actively cooperate to participate in external exhibition events related to science education and R&D capacity improvement both inside and outside Fukui Prefecture.

Youngsters’ Science Festival 2019 photo

“Youngsters’ Science Festival 2019”

Past records of providing energy education

From fiscal 2004 to fiscal 2021, we carried out educational support activities more than 2,200 times, such as giving the science classes, lending the teaching materials and participating in external exhibition events. The total number of students who took the classes or used the teaching materials as well as the visitors to our exhibition booths at the events, is more than 75,000.

Record of providing the lectures on energy education image