Technological Exchange

Technological Consultation

JAEA's business coordinators help solve problems

Based on expertise and technical knowledge, JAEA’s business coordinators respond individually to technological consultation from the request of local companies in Fukui Prefecture and support the companies to solve their problems.

Technological Exchange

Promoting mutual technological understanding

JAEA and the local companies mutually provide information on technology and show R&D facilities to promote the technological improvement, to develop new products and industries by integrating needs and seeds.

Technological Development

Encouraging the utilization of JAEA's R&D results

JAEA works to make the results of the R&D open to the public and available to the local companies. In order to help advance their technology, develop new products, create new industries, we implement the "Project for Promotion of Technological Solution", "Project for Developing New Product Utilizing JAEA’s Patents" and hold "open seminars" and "explanatory meetings".

JAEA’s Patents

Publicizing JAEA technological achievements

JAEA has obtained many patents and utility models not only for nuclear power but also for mechanical, electrical, chemical, metal, measurement technology, etc through R&D. Many of the JAEA’s patents are expected to be application and technology transfer to other industrial fields.


Delivering regional cooperation information

JAEA engages in the activities to make the technology created through R&D available to the local companies. JAEA holds technological exchange meetings to deepen mutual understanding with them, to improve their technology, to develop their products, and to discover new industries.