JAERImark Development of Radiation-proof Rescue Robot
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Auq 9, 2001

The Japan Atomic Energy Research Institute (JAERI, President Kenichi MURAKAMI) has developed a "radiation-proof robot", which is designed to collect information in the high radiation environment in an accident at a nuclear facility.

JAERI has been developing rescue robots for use in collecting information in environments with very high radiation levels. In March 2001, it developed the remote information collection robots (RESQ: REmote Surveillance Squad) and exhibited them to the public. RESQ includes three types of robots designed to perform different functions; the compact and lightweight RESQ-A for quick identification of the situation at the site of an accident; RESQ-B for collecting detailed information at the site of accident, and; RESQ-C for collecting contamination information and samples.

While the RESQ robots were able to work satisfactorily in radiation environments of an equivalent level to the JCO accident, the newly developed robot (RaBOT: Radiation-proof roBOT) is capable of information and sample collection at the site of a nuclear facility accident at a higher radiation level.

The features of RaBOT include; 1) The use of radiation-proof parts in the main bodies such as the robot arms, traveling mechanism and batteries and; 2) Electronic parts with less resistance to radiation such as the camera are modularized so that they can be replaced easily by quick coupling connectors at the site. The new development has a radiation resistance of about 105 Gy, which is 1000 times loger than that of RESQ. This feature makes the robot capable of continual information and sample collection at an accident site in a high radiation environment.
RaBOT can operate under either wired or wireless control from a special container equipped with a control panel. The collected information is subjected to centralized control by the computer in the container.

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