Current state of decommissioning in Nuclear Science Research Institute

Decommissioned Facility

Facility Name Type Outline Decommissioned Schedule
Japan Power Demonstration Reactor (JPDR) Power Reactor The JPDR was a 90 MWt boiling-water reactor that was in operation from 1963 to 1976. It generated electricity using nuclear energy for the first time in Japan. 1986 1995
Very High Temperature Reactor Critical Assembly (VHTRC) Research Reactor The VHTRC was a reactor for research in reactor physics. It was used for the study on high-temperature gas-cooled reactors. Verification tests of the reactor design of high-temperature engineering test reactors were conducted. 2006 2009
Ceramic Research Facility Research Facility he Ceramic Research Facility was constructed for research on the properties of ceramic nuclear fuel in 1959. The measurements of various properties (thermal expansion, specific heat etc.) of uranium compounds, decomposition and reduction tests for uranium compounds, and the fabrication of single crystal UO2 were conducted. Then, the R&D on solid tritium breeding material (measurement of physical properties, tritium release behavior, etc.) were also conducted. The use of nuclear materials in the facility ended in Oct. 2006. 2007 2008
Metallurgy Facility Research Facility The Metallurgy Facility was constructed for R&D of various nuclear fuels in 1957. Research tests of metallic fuel (natural uranium) for the first domestic nuclear reactor (JRR-3), R&D on nitride fuel and fuel for the high-temperature gas cooling reactors, and research tests for nuclear transmutation of long-lived fission products by using Tc-99 were conducted. The facility was shut down in 2001.. 2007 2009
Plutonium Research Building No.2 Research Facility The Plutonium Research Building No.2 was constructed in 1968 to establish the dry reprocessing method of spent fuel by the fluoride volatility process. Research on the fluorination reaction of plutonium oxides, the thermal hydrolysis reaction of plutonium fluorides, and Raman spectroscopy were conducted. The fabrication and analysis of tritium specimens for tritium separation testing produced by laser irradiation were also conducted. The use of nuclear materials in the facility ended in 2006. 2008 2009
Reprocessing Test Laboratory Research Facility The Reprocessing Test Laboratory was constructed for various tests on reprocessing processes in 1959. Research on the dissolution test of oxide fuel, the extraction and separation test of uranium and RI, and treatment tests for the byproducts of out-gassing from the reprocessing process were conducted. The facility was shut down in 2001. 2008 2009
Isotope Separation Research Facility Research Facility The Isotope Separation Research Facility was constructed in 1959. The research on uranium isotope enrichment by the atomic vapor laser isotope separation method was conducted. The facility was shut down in 2001. 2008 2009
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