Our policy of activity

JAEA, established through the integration of JAERI and JNC on October 1, 2005, serves as the central organization that now bears responsibility for the R&D of nuclear power for our country.

NSRI, which was reorganized from the previous JAERI Tokai institute, is an important R&D base where valuable research facilities, such as the research reactor and accelerator, are located, where radioactive substances can be safely handled, and where the research that effectively uses these facilities is conducted. NSRI will create a new history in Tokai-mura in Japan, the birthplace of nuclear power, as a world leading R&D base. The advancement of our R&D is predicated upon the necessity of the people’s understanding and trust. Therefore, thorough security must be the main premise upon which all our efforts will be founded, and we endeavor to live together and to affirmatively disclose information with the region.
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