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Radiation Protection and Measurements

◎ 2013

Y. Tanimura, M. Kowatari, H. Yoshitomi, S. Nishino, M. Yoshizawa

Mono-energetic Neutron Fields Using 4 MV pelletron Accelerator at FRS / JAEA

Proceedings of the IAEA Technical Meeting on Use of Neutron Beams for High Precision Nuclear Data Measurements, IAEA-F1-TM-42752, 1-6 (2013)

◎ 2011

D. Maki*1, F. Sato※1, I. Murata※1, Y. Kato*1, Y. Tanimura, T.Yamamoto※2, T. Iida※1

Development of neutron-sensitive glass dosimeter containing isotopically enriched boron

Radiation Measurements, 46, 1484-1487 (2011)

T. Itoga※1, Y. Asano*1, Y. Tanimura

Response function of a superheated drop neutron monitor with lead shell in the thermal to 400-MeV energy range

Radiation Protection Dosimetry, 146 , 96-99 (2011)

Y. Shikaze, Y. Tanimura, J. Saegusa, M. Tsutsumi, Y. Uchita, M. Yoshizawa

Development of the Quasi-monoenergetic Neutron Calibration Fields of Several Tens of MeV at TIARA

Progress in Nuclear Science and Technology,Vol.1,166-169 (2011)

◎ 2010

F. Saito, J. Koarashi, O. Kurihara, E. Kim

An Imaging Plate Technique for Evaluating Energy Attenuation in Evaporated Samples with Different Surface Conditions

Radiation Protection Dosimetry, 139(4), 584-589 (2010)

Y. Tanimura, M. Tsutsumi, J. Saegusa, Y. Shikaze, M. Yoshizawa

Evaluation of target photon dose mixed in mono-energetic neutron fields using 7Li(p,n)7Be reaction

Radiation Measurements, 45, 1163-1166 (2010)

H. Harano※1, T. Matsumoto※1, Y. Tanimura, Y. Shikaze, M. Baba※2, T. Nakamura※2
1:AIST, 2:Tohoku University

Monoenergetic and quasi-monoenergetic neutron reference fields in Japan

Radiation Measurements, 45, 1076-1082 (2010)

M. Kowatari, H. Dombrowski※1, S. Neumaier※1

Monte Carlo simulations of the photon calibration fields at the underground laboratory of PTB

Radiation Protection Dosimetry, 142(2-4), 125-135 (2010)

Y. Shikaze, Y. Tanimura, J. Saegusa, M. Tsutsumi

Development of highly efficient proton recoil counter telescope for absolute measurement of neutron fluences in quasi-monoenergetic neutron calibration fields of high energy

Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research A, 615, 211-219 (2010)

◎ 2009

M. Takahashi, S. Kinase, R. Kramer※1
1:Universidade Federal de Pernambuco

Evaluation of Counting Efficiencies of a Whole-body Counter Considering the ICRP Biokinetic Models

Proceedings of the Sixteenth EGS User's Meeting in Japan, KEK Proceedings 2009-7, 78-83 (2009)

◎ 2008


Performance of the Hp(10) and Hp(0.07) Measurable Electronic Pocket Dosimeter for Gamma- and Beta-Rays

Supplement to the Journal of Nuclear Science and Technology,5,225-228(2008)

Y. Shikaze, Y. Tanimura, J. Saegusa, M. Tsutsumi, S. Shimizu, Y. Yoshizawa, Y. Yamaguchi

Development of the Neutron Calibration Fields using Accelerators at FRS and TIARA of JAEA

Journal of Nuclear Science and Technology, Supplement 5, 209-212 (2008)

M. Kowatari, K. Fujii, M. Tsutsumi, B.H. Kim*1, K.C. Lee※1, M. Yoshizawa, Y. Yamaguchi
1:Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute

An Inter-comparison of the Neutron Calibration Field using D2O Moderated 252Cf Source at JAEA and KAERI

Journal of Nuclear Science and Technology, Supplement 5, 217-220 (2008)

J. Saegusa

CREPT-MCNP Code for Efficiency Calibration of HPGe Detectors with the Representative Point Method

Applied Radiation and Isotopes, 66, 774-779 (2008)

◎ 2007

Y.Tanimura, J.Saegusa, Y.Shikaze, M.Tsutsumi, S.Shimizu, M.Yoshizawa

Construction of monoenergetic neutron calibration fields using 45Sc(p,n)45Ti reaction at JAEA

Radiation Protection Dosimetry, 126, 8-12 (2007)

M.Kowatari, K.Fujii, M.Takahashi, M.Yoshizawa, S.Shimizu, K.Kawasaki, Y.Yamaguchi

Evaluation of the characteristics of the neutron reference field using D2O-moderated 252Cf source

Radiation Protection Dosimetry, 126, 138-144 (2007)

Y.Shikaze, Y.Tanimura, J.Saegusa, M.Tsutsumi, Y.Yamaguchi, Y.Uchita※1
1:Institute of Radiation Measurements

Investigation of properties of the TIARA neutron beam facility of importance for calibration applications

Radiation Protection Dosimetry, 126, 163-167 (2007)

◎ 2006

Y.Watanabe, S.Kinase, K.Saito

Evaluation of Absorbed Doses for Photon and Electron to the Urinary Bladder Wall Considering Radiosensitive Cells

Radioisotopes,55,719-725 (2006)

J.Koarashi, F.Saito, K.Akiyama, N.M.Rahman※1, T.Iida※1
1:Nagoya University

A new digital autoradiographical method for identification of Pu particles using an imaging plate

Applied Radiation and Isotopes 65(4), 413-418 (2007)

N.M.Rahman※1, T.Iida※1, F.Saito, J.Koarashi, K.Yamasaki※2, H.Yamazawa※1, J.Moriizumi※1
1:Nagoya University,2:Kyoto University(Research Reactor Institute)

Evaluation of aerosol sizing characteristic of an impactor using imaging plate technique

Radiation Protection Dosimetry 123(2),171-181 (2007)

◎ 2005

Y. Watanabe, J. Kuwabara

Ultraviolet photolysis of urine for suppression of color quenching prior to liquid scintillation counting of tritium

Analytical & Bioanalytical Chemistry, 384(2), 547-550 (2006)

K. Yamasoto, M. Tsutsumi, T. Oishi, M. Yoshizawa, M. Yoshida

CsI(Tl)/plastic phoswich detector enhanced in low-energy gamma-ray detection

Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research A, 550,609-615,(2005)

Y. Tanimura, J. Saegusa, M. Yoshizawa, M. Yoshida

Design of a single moderator-type neutron spectrometer with enhanced energy resolution in the energy range from a few to 100 keV

Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research, A547, 92-600 (2005)

M. Tsutsumi, Y. Tanimura

LaCl3(Ce) scintillation detector applications for environmental gamma-ray measurements of low to high-dose rates

Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research, A557(2), 554-560 (2006)

Y. Tanimura, Y. Uchita※1, J. Saegusa, M. Yoshizawa
1:Institute of Radiation Measurements

Recent Activities on Neutron Calibration Fields at FRS of JAERI

Hot Laboratories

◎ 2002

Ryou Yasuda,Masahito Matsubayashi,Masahito Nakata,Katsuya Harada

Application of neutron radiography for estimating concentration and distribution of hydrogen in zircaloy cladding tubes

Journal of Nuclear Materials

◎ 2001

Melting temperature of high burn-up UO2 pellet


◎ 1999

Development and application of PIE apparatuses for high-burnup LWR fuels


Present status of PIEs in the department of hot laboratories


◎ 1998

Current status of PIE techniques in RFEF


◎ 1996

Development of remote handling apparatus for measuring thermal diffusivity


Fabrication of instrumented capsule with spent fuel for re-irradiation experiments using NSRR and JMTR


◎ 1995

Development of post-irradiation examination techniques at the reactor fuel examination facility


Development of remote-handling apparatus for measuring thermal diffusivity


Oxide layer-thickness measurement on fuel cladding for high burnup HBWR fuel rods using eddy current method (Non-destructive examination)


Technical development of in-cell synroc fabricating apparatuses

◎ 1994

Development of ultra-micro hardness tester


Critical Assemblies

◎ 2012

K. Izawa et al

Infinite multiplication factor of low-enriched UO2-concrete system

Journal of Nuclear Science and Technology Vol.49, No.11, P.1043-1047 (November 2012)

◎ 2008

K. Ogawa et al

New estimation method for void reactivity coefficient using the TRACY transient data

Journal of Nuclear Science and Technology,Vol. 46, No. 1,p. 1-5(JANUARY 2009)

K. Ogawa et al

Estimation of Generated Volume of Radiolytic Gas Voids during Prompt Criticality with 10% Enriched Uranium Nitrate Solution in TRACY

Journal of Nuclear Science and Technology, Vol. 45, No. 10, p. 1028-1035(OCTOBER 2008)

◎ 2006

H. Sono et al

Retrospective Estimation of the Spatial Dose Distribution and the Number of Fissions in Criticality Accident Using Area Dosimeters

Journal of Nuclear Science and Technology, VOL.44, NO. 1, p. 43-53 (JANUARY 2007)

◎ 2005

H. Sono et al

Assessment of Human Body Surface and Internal Dose Estimations in Criticality Accidents Based on Experimental and Computational Simulations

Journal of Nuclear Science and Technology, VOL. 43, No.3, p.-284-276 (MARCH 2006)

H. Sono et al

Evaluation of Gamma-Ray Dose Components in Criticality Accident Situations

Journal of Nuclear Science and Technology, VOL. 42, No.8, p. 678-687 (MAY 2005)

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