JPDR(Japan Power Demonstration Reactor)

Development of reactor dismantling technologies for future decommissioning of commercial nuclear power plants is essential for the harmonized development of nuclear energy. For this purpose, the Atomic Energy Commission proposed strategies for decommissioning nuclear facilities in the “Long-term Program for Research, Development and Utilization of Nuclear Energy" published in 1982. This report indicated that the development of technologies was necessary for future decommissioning of nuclear facilities and that dismantling demonstration tests would be conducted on the Japan Power Demonstration Reactor (JPDR), which had fulfilled its initial role.

Purpose of Dismantling

  • ●Development of technologies that can be applied to decommissioning of nuclear power plants
  • ●Demonstration of developed technologies by applying them to dismantling demonstration tests
  • ●Acquisition of data and knowledge for future decommissioning of nuclear power plants

Technology Development

  • ●Systems Engineering for Reactor Decommissioning
  • ●Radioactive Inventory Evaluation
  • ●Remote Operation Techniques
  • ●Decontamination for Reactor Decommissioning
  • ●Decommissioning Waste Treatment, Storage and Disposal

Dismantling Demonstration Tests

  • ●To serve as confirmation of the validity and effectiveness of nuclear reactor dismantlement technologies.
  • ●For accumulation of experience and data on decommissioning.
  • ●To establish safety standards for dismantling projects.

JPDR(Japan Power Demonstration Reactor)


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