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RECRUITMENT for New Graduates in 2023
- Researcher -

The application has already closed
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    1. Number of Employees

      Research position: about 1 person

    2. Recruitment Field

      【Research and development for the innovation on fast reactor cycle systems】

      Small Modular Reactors (SMRs) including fast reactor concept are being actively researched and developed in the United States and other contries. The greatest advantage of fast neutrons is that effective utilization of uranium resources, reduction of environmental burden by transmuting minor actinides (MAs). With a view to future fast reactor design, JAEA is currently energetically promoting the development of "AI-aided design integration approach through the whole plant life cycle"development. We are looking for reserchers who will be in charge of design methods development and related international collaboration as a member of this project.

      In the reactor technology field, JAEA offers Cutting-edge technology development and applied research will be conducted in the reactor field: numerical analysis,experiment and research,knowledge base of developed results, or utilization of AI.In the fuel cycle technology field, JAEA offer research and development to effectively utilize and reduce plutonium and to reduce high-level radioactive waste that emits radiation for a long period will be conducted in the fuel cycle field.
      We JAEA will recruit researchers who would like to try to contribute your own power for thesetechnology innovations.

    3. Qualification Requirements

      (1) Applicants are limited only new graduates.

      (2) Born after April 2, 1992

    4. Terms of Employment

      Refer to the attached sheets "Terms of Employment".

    5. Necessary Documents and Application Procedures

      (If there are unavailable documents by the deadline, enclose the statement of the reasons.)

      (1) Application Form (Form 1-1:PDF, WORD, Form 1-2:PDF, WORD)

      (2) Certificate of Graduation and Academic Transcript (for Bachelor, Master, PhD).
      *Concerning (2), copies are not acceptable and once they are handed in, they will not be returned.

      (3) [Only those who are in doctoral course]
      Research career history (in A4 free format)

      (4) [Only those who are in doctoral course]
      List of publications in which your name is underlined and copies of papers (if possible, full text)

      (5) [Only those who are residents in any one of EEA member countries, namely a member country of the EU, and Iceland, Liechtenstein or Norway]
      Consent for the Treatment of Personal Data (PDF, WORD)

    6. Deadline for Submission of Application Documents

      July 15, 2022
      *Applications are kept strictly confidential.

    7. Address for Submission of Application Documents

      Personnel Section, Personnel Department, Japan Atomic Energy Agency
      765-1, Funaishikawa, Tokai-mura, Naka-gun, Ibaraki-ken 319-1184 Japan
      (Write in red character with "Personnel application documents for New Graduates" on the envelope)

    8. Documents Examination

      The results of documents examination based on the review of application documents and about Web Exam (refer to section9 mentioned below) will be informed by e-mail. Application documents will not be returned.

    9. Recruitment Examination (tentatively)

      (1) Web Exam (Subject of the exam: Aptitude Test)

      (2) Presentation Screening (Presentation of summary of academic work and research to date)

      (3) Interview

      *Details of the Presentation Screening are shown in Appendix 3.
      *Applicants will be informed the details of the exams by email.

    10. Place for Recruitment Examination (tentative)

      The Recruitment Examination is scheduled to be face-to-face, however, we may switch to an online interview in light of the future infection situation of COVID-19.

    11. Examination Result

      The result will be announced after the recruitment examination as soon as possible

    12. Offer Letter

      The result will be announced after October 1, 2022.

    13. Starting date of Employment

      In principle, April 1, 2023

    14. Reference

      OUCHI Yoshitaka
      MURAKAMI Makoto
      Personnel Section, Personnel Department, Japan Atomic Energy Agency
      765-1, Funaishikawa, Tokai-mura, Naka-gun, Ibaraki-ken, 319-1184
      Tel: +81-29-282-9482 FAX: +81-29-282-7687
      E-Mail: jinji-saiyo@jaea.go.jp

    15. Points to Note

      (1) Applicants who pass the recruitment examination are supposed to submit medical certification.

      (2) Candidates without Japanese nationality are required to have the certification of eligibility by the date of adoption in order to obtain a work permission in Japan.
      Please obtain the necessary status of residence to work for us in Japan.
      If you are unable to obtain status of residence, your offer of employment may be rescinded.

    16. Treatment of Personal Information

      Personal information submitted will be used only for the purpose of employment selection and post-employment management.
      The information will not be disclosed, transferred, or loaned to a third party without a valid reason.

    17. Note

      We promote gender equality and welcome applications from women who wish to become researchers and engineers.