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Nuclear Safety Research Center

Pursue the safety of nuclear facilities and conduct multifaceted and comprehensive research on mechanical engineering, material, radioactive waste, risk assessment, etc.

Advanced Science Research Center

Pioneer "yet-unknown area" of nuclear energy R&D for the sprouts of the nuclear science of the future.

Nuclear Science and Engineering Center

Establish foundation for nuclear R&D and application, as well as create new nuclear application technologies.

Materials Sciences Research Center

The mission is to promote materials science research for nuclear science and its applications, mainly using neutron and synchrotron radiation.

Advanced Nuclear System Research and Development Directorate

Establish "fast breeder reactor cycle", aiming to address issues regarding long-term energy security and global environment.

Geological Isolation Research and Development Directorate

Conduct R&D to ensure the reliability of geological disposal technology for the permanent disposal of nuclear waste.

Nuclear Cycle Backend Directorate

Support "back-end measures", which are indispensable for the development and application of nuclear energy, while developing technologies for the disposal of radioactive waste and the decommissioning of nuclear facilities.