Mizunami Underground Research Laboratory

  We commit ourselves to a policy of openness and strive to be transparent and accountable in all our actvities.In this section, we provide reports on the MIU Project.Although we have many reports and documets, we have selected some shown below which we think may be particularly useful.

Technical Reports
Planning reports

Master Plan of the Mizunami Underground Research Laboratory Project
(JNC TN7410 2003-001 : February 2002) (PDF 1.82MB)

Working Program for Shallow Borehole Investigations
(JNC TN7400 2002-005 : July 2002) (PDF 2.14MB)

Working Program for MIZ-1 Borehole Investigations
(JNC TN7400 2002-008 : March 2003) (PDF 3.75MB)

Mizunami Underground Research Laboratory Program for Fiscal Year 2006
(JAEA TGC : April 21st, 2006) (PDF 660KB)

Investigation results

H17: Development and management of the technical knowledge base for the geological disposal of HLW
(JNC TN1400 2005-022 : September 2005) (PDF)

Project to Establish the Scientific and Technical Basis for HLW Disposal in Japan
(JNC TN1410 2000-002 : April 2000) (HTML)

Mizunami Underground Research Laboratory Project Results from 1996-1999
(Revised edition)
(JNC TN7400 2003-004 : May 2001) (PDF)

Synthesis of the Shallow Borehole Investigations
at the MIU Construction Site
(JNC TN7400 2003-005 : Sep 2003) (PDF)

Reports by International Fellowships at TGC

Summary of Activities for the Mizunami Underground Research Laboratory (A final report)
(JNC TN7440 2002-004 : April 2002) (PDF 2.14MB)