Mizunami Underground Research Laboratory

Mizunami Underground Research Laboratory is located in Mizunami,
some 40 km northeast of Nagoya, in the central part of the main island of Japan.
(General Information about Mizunami city)

This area has the following characteristics and advantages as the site for the MIU.

  • Geological formations and conditions exist with characteristics important as research targets; these include saturated bedrock conditions, abundant structural discontinuities such as fracture zones and faults at various scales and the uranium deposits.
  • Direct influence of recent active faulting is small, and thus the area is suited for study of the effect of earthquakes under stable geological conditions.
  • It is located in the central part of Honshu Island and access and transport are convenient.
  • The local government is promoting the Tono Frontier Science Research City and its major research theme is the extreme environment.

In addition, expertise and date obtained during the part 30 years of research on uranium resources by JNC are available at TGC, with laboratory facilities for research available on site. These geoscientific resources are undoubtedly the greatest advantage for the project.

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