Mizunami Underground Research Laboratory
About the MIU Project

The R & D work of the MIU Project has the following main goals :

  • To establish technology for investigation, analysis and assessment of the deep geological environment
  • To develop a range of engineering technology for deep underground application

The geoscientific research for the MIU Project has been conducted at the MIU Construction Site where the underground research stages exist and at Shobasama Site, a sister site 1.5km to the west, where an extensive network of deep boreholes were used for initial investigations of the deep geological environment.

The Shobasama Site is located on land owned by JAEA. It was selected initially as the site for all investigations and facility construction. An intensive characterization program was carried out and now the site has an extensive borehole network suitable for ongoing research and long-term monitoring. However, due to difficulties in obtaining planning permission to begin construction and excavation at the Shobasama Site, JAEA concluded a contract on 17
th January, 2002 with Mizunami City for the lease of city-owned land at Akeyo-cho, Mizunami City. It was decided that the research galleries and related facilities for an underground research facility should be constructed at this site.

The MIU Construction Site
The Geoscientific research for the MIU Project will be carried out in three Phases and expected to last for 20 years. The three Phases were established considering the construction schedule and the multidisciplinary activities, and scale of research.

The Shobasama Site

More About the Project
Background of the MIU Project
Geological map
History of the MIU Project
Photograghs of the shaft walls
Techniques for systematic investigations and modelling of the geological environment, especially for the estimation of hydrogy around fault zone, will be developed and advanced.
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