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Geological Isolation Research and Development


URL Phase I report

In March 2007, JAEA produced the technical reports that integrated the results of R&D carried out during the surface-based investigation phase (Phase I) of the URL projects both at Horonobe, Hokkaido and at Mizunami, Gifu. The reports form a knowledge base that will reinforce the technical foundation established to date.

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H17 report

In September 2005, JNC (now JAEA) published the report entitled “H17: Development and Management of the Technical Knowledge Base for the Geological Disposal of HLW” (H17 report). The H17 report presents a status review of R&D carried out under the JNC’s five years’ R&D programme (2001-2005) after the H12 report.

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H12 report

In November 1999, JNC (now JAEA) compiled its R&D achievements, which were made since the publication of a first progress report (H3 report), in a progress report entitled “H12: Project to Establish the Scientific and Technical Basis for HLW Disposal in Japan” (H12 report). The H12 report demonstrates the technical reliability of geological disposal of HLW in Japan.

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