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URL Phase I Report

In March 2007, JAEA published the synthesis report on R&D carried out during the surface-based investigation phase (Phase I) of the URL projects both at Horonobe, Hokkaido and at Mizunami, Gifu. The URL Phase I report integrated all the results and associated knowledge obtained during Phase I, including those obtained after publication of the H17 report, with the aims of evaluating the Phase I goals for which the R&D was carried and of identifying issues to be addressed in the subsequent phases (Phases II and III).

Integration of all the R&D results from different disciplines ensured that the Phase I goals were successfully achieved and identified key issues that need to be addressed in Phases II and III. More importantly, efforts were made to summarise as many lessons learnt from the Phase I investigations and other technical achievements as possible to form a ‘knowledge base’ that would reinforce the technical foundation established to date.

Horonobe URL project

The report on the Phase I synthesis of the Horonobe URL project, entitled “Horonobe Underground Research Laboratory Project, Synthesis of Phase I Investigations 2001 2005”, integrated the results of geoscientific research and geological disposal research, carried out from March 2001 to March 2006, in respective volumes: “Geoscientific Research” and “Geological Disposal Research”.

Mizunami URL project

The report on the Phase I synthesis of the Mizunami URL project, entitled “Final Report on the Surface–based Investigation (Phase I) at the Mizunami Underground Research Laboratory Project”, integrated the results of geoscientific research carried out from April 1996 to March 2005.