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H17 Knowledge Management Report

In September 2005, JNC (now JAEA) published the report entitled “H17: Development and Management of the Technical Knowledge Base for the Geological Disposal of HLW” (H17 Report). The H17 report presents a status review of RÁD carried out under the JNCís five yearsí R&D programme (2001-2005) after the H12 report with the main aim of supporting the geological disposal project at the transition point between the generic R&D stage and the implementation stage

The H17 documentation consists of Knowledge Management Report, Supporting Report 1 “Geoscience Study”, Supporting Report 2 “Repository Engineering Technology”, Supporting Report 3 “Safety Assessment Methods” (see figure below). Three supporting reports document progress made during the 5-year period, following the format of past progress reports. The Knowledge Management Report, on the other hand, provides a basic approach to developing a technical knowledge base on the geological disposal technology through the integration of technical foundation constructed to date and the R&D results to be obtained in the future.


Structure of H17 report documentation