Decommissioning and R&D of JMTR(Japan Materials Testing Reactor)

R&D of JMTR(Japan Materials Testing Reactor)

JMTR(Japan Materials Testing Reactor)has been contributed to various R&D activities in the nuclear research such as the fundamental research of nuclear materials/fuels, safety research, development of power reactors, radio isotope (RI) production since its beginning of the operation in 1968.

The decommissioning plan of JMTR was approved on March 2021.Thus, reactor dismantling and treatment/disposal of radioactive wastes will be conducted systematically.

On the other hand, we inherit the accumulated irradiation technologies and start the study for the construction of new irradiation testing reactor in future.

Japan Materials Testing Reactor(JMTR)

Japan Materials Testing Reactor(JMTR)

Post irradiation examination at hot laboratory

Various post irradiation examinations (PIEs) are conducted using irradiated specimens in the hot cells at JMTR-HL(Hot laboratory).

Thus, the JMTR-HL have been utilized for the R&D of power reactors, advanced reactors and fusion reactors, and RI production.

JMTR-HL will be decommissioned based on the Medium-/Long-Term Management Plan for JAEA Facilities after transferring the irradiated fuels and high-dose materials to another facility.

Post irradiation examination in the hot laboratory

Hot laboratory

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