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JAEA International Workshop on Next Generation Knowledge Management System (KMS) for Geological Disposal of Radioactive Waste (December 3-4, 2009)

List of Participants [PDF: 13KB]

Record of the Workshop [PDF: 875KB]


Thursday, December 3, 2009

Opening Remarks

Introduction of Participants

Block 1: The JAEA KMS

1. Conceptual Overview of the JAEA KMS

[PDF: 967KB]

Hiroyuki Umeki

2. The Knowledge Base and KM Toolkit

[PDF: 668KB]

Kazumasa Hioki

3. Support of Safety Case Development and Review

[PDF: 586KB]

Hideaki Osawa

4. Support for site characterisation and geosynthesis

[PDF: 1.33MB]

Takeshi Semba

5. Support for repository design and performance assessment

[PDF: 1.14MB]

Hitoshi Makino

6. Putting it all together – CoolRep and integrated QA

[PDF: 125KB]

Hiroyuki Umeki

Block 2: Brainstorming – generic needs for an advanced KMS

7. Structured brainstorming

moderators: Hiroyuki Umeki and Ian McKinley

8. Group work: wish list for an improved CoolRep

Group 1 [PDF: 53KB]

Group 2 [PDF: 37KB]

Group 3 [PDF: 70KB]

Group 4 [PDF: 50KB]

Thursday, December 4, 2009

9. Overview of Day #1

[PDF: 131KB]

Fiona Neall

Block 3: The international context

10. OECD ⁄ NEA view

[PDF: 44KB]

Elizabeth Forinash

11. BGS view

[PDF: 428KB]

Julia West

12. ANDRA view

[PDF: 286KB]

Gerald Ouzounian

13. ANL ⁄ SNL view

[PDF: 106KB]

Mark Nutt & James Scott

14. LBNL view

[PDF: 52KB]

Kenzi Karasaki

15. SCK ⁄ CEN view

[PDF: 1.62MB]

Alain Sneyers

16. KAERI view

[PDF: 960KB]

J T Jeong

17. Swedish view

[PDF: 1.82MB]

Johan Andersson

(18. Posiva view

[PDF: 2.17MB]

Juhani Palmu)

19. General Discussion

Block 4: Potential cooperation and collaboration

20. New and developing implementations in CoolRep

Linda McKinley+David McKie

21. Structured brainstorming on potential collaboration

moderator: Hiroyuki Umeki and Ian McKinley

22. Wrap-up

Record of the Workshop

[PDF: 875KB]