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Recruitment for a Senior Post Doctoral Fellow (Fixed Term Researcher)
(Center for Computational Science and e-Systems )

The application has already closed
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    1. Number of employees

      Researcher a few persons

    2. Recruitment field

      Research Theme:
      Development of computing technologies for advanced computational science in nuclear engineering

      Promotion of advanced computational science and development of novel computing technologies are required for solving important issues in nuclear engineering such as analysis of environmental dynamics of radioactive substances, thermal-hydraulic analysis of the reactor core at severe accidents, and accurate reconstruction technologies for radiation measurement data. In this research theme, one of the following research topics will be addressed by using state of the art supercomputers.

      • 1) Multi-scale and multi-physics CFD simulations of complex fluids, which take account of phase change, physical property change, and chemical reactions, are needed for thermal-hydraulic analysis of the reactor core at severe accidents and analysis of environmental dynamics of radioactive substances. In this topic, advanced CFD schemes and calculation models will be developed for such complex CFD simulations.
      • 2) Accurate reconstruction technologies of the distribution of radioactive substances from radiation measurement data are needed for the recovery of Fukushima and decommissioning processes. In this topic, accurate reconstruction technologies will be developed to determine three dimensional distributions of radioactive substances in environments involving complex shields such as natural and artificial structures from gamma ray measurements via Compton cameras.
      • 3) To promote computational science research driven by state of the art supercomputers, we will develop related computing technologies such as optimization techniques for accelerators, extreme scale matrix solvers based on advanced algorithms, and visualization and analysis techniques for extreme scale measurement and simulation data.

    3. Division Assigned to (tentative)

      Center for Computational Science and e-Systems, Japan Atomic Energy Agency

    4. Place of employment (tentative)

      Center for Computational Science and e-Systems,
      Japan Atomic Energy Agency
      Wakashiba 178-4-4, Kashiwa-shi, Chiba-ken 277-0871,JAPAN

    5. Salary and other conditions

      Commensurate salary will depend on the applicant’s capability and work experience. JAEA will provide social insurances and commutation allowances, also JAEA family residence and bachelor’s dormitory are available.

    6. Terms of employment

      Contract term: One year
      (The contract term can be extended up to five years upon annual review of research achievements.) If you will achieve outstanding results during your employment, you can be offered a permanent staff position.

    7. Trial employment period

      6 months

    8. Holiday

      Weekend (Saturday and Sunday), National holidays, Year-end holidays, Paid holidays

    9. Qualification requirements

      (1) Having a Ph.D. degree

      (2) Having work experience at least for one year as a postdoctoral fellow

      (3) Having work experience on R&D of extreme scale visual analytics using supercomputers

    10. Necessary documents and application procedures

      (1) Curriculum vitae (use JAEA form) (PDF, WORD)

      (2) Document of the results at major (use JAEA form) (PDF, WORD)

      (3) Certificate of Ph.D Degree

      (4) Certificate of completion of courses (for bachelor, master, PhD, respectively)

      (5) University’s transcript (for bachelor, master, PhD, respectively).

      (6) Research career history (with A4 free format)

      (7) List of publications in which your name is underlined, and copies of major papers

    11. Deadline for application

      Jan. 31, 2018.

    12. Address of submission of application

      Personnel Section,
      Personnel Department,
      Japan Atomic Energy Agency
      765-1 Funaishikawa, Tokai-mura, Naka-gun, Ibaraki 319-1184, Japan
      (Mark “Application documents for recruitment of a Senior Post Doctoral Fellow” in red on the envelope.)

    13. Documents Examination

      Examinees will be decided based on the review of application documents. Review result will be informed by a letter. Application documents will not be returned.

    14. Recruitment examination

      (1)Research achievements examination (Oral presentation using PowerPoint file or OHP and Q&A)

      (2) Oral examination/Interview

    15. Tentative date for recruit examination

      Mid-February, 2018

    16. Place for Recruitment Examination (planned)

      Center for Computational Science and e-systems,
      Japan Atomic Energy Agency
      19F Fukoku Seimei Building, 2-2-2 Uchisaiwai-cho, Chiyoda ward, Tokyo 100-8577, Japan

    17. Result of Recruitment Examination

      The result will be announced by a letter after the recruitment examination.

    18. Starting date of employment (Tentative)

      Apr. 1, 2018

    19. Travel Expenses

      We will pay travel expenses for the recruitment examination according to the JAEA’s provision.
      Detailed information will be provided to the candidates.

    20. Contact persons

      Mr. Katsuhiro Nagasu
      Personnel Section,
      Personnel Department,
      Japan Atomic Energy Agency
      765-1 Funaishikawa, Tokai-mura, Naka-gun, Ibaraki 319-1184, Japan
      Tel: +81-29-282-1122
      Fax: +81-29-283-4701
      E-mail: jinji-saiyo@jaea.go.jp

      (Reference related to the recruitment field)
      Yasuhiro Idomura, Ph. D.
      General Manager
      Computer Science Research and Development Office
      Center for Computational Scicnce and e-Systems, Japan Atomic Energy Agency
      TEL: +81-4-7135-2454
      FAX: +81-4-7135-2382
      E-Mail: jinji-saiyo@jaea.go.jp

    21. Points to note

      (1) Applicants who pass the Recruitment examination are supposed to submit medical certification.

      (2) Candidates without Japanese nationality are required to have the certificate of eligibility by the date of adoption in order to obtain a work permit in Japan.

    22. Treatment of personal information

      Submitted personal information will be used for recruitment. Personal information of employee will be used for employment control. Other personal information will be scrapped 1 year later.