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"Power Spintronics", a little giant
—Toward miniaturization of power supply circuits and utilization of "negative inductance", the trump card for noise elimination—

Inductance, a property that stabilizes sudden changes in electric current in an electric circuit based on Faraday's electromagnetic induction law, has an inevitable trade-off between its strength and the miniaturization of the device. Recently, it has been suggested that quantum technology can overcome this fundamental limitation, but there has been an unexplored gap between the observed results and the basic theory.

By integrating the spin-orbit coupling, which is important in the field of spintronics, the researchers succeeded for the first time in identifying both the amplification mechanism of the quantum version of inductance and the origin of "negative inductance," which cannot be realized by an ordinary single device.

The findings stimulate research for "miniaturization of power supply circuits" and "electromagnetic noise reduction" using negative inductance, which will ultimately determine the size and weight of electronic devices.

This achievement will open up a new technological field of "power spintronics," in which power is controlled via spin, and is expected to contribute to the technological innovation of power supplies based on quantum technology in the future.

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