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World's First Realization of High-Accuracy Pollutant Diffusion Simulation in Real Time
—Capturing Fine Details of Urban Structures to Greatly Improve Predictive Accuracy—

It is anticipated that analysis regarding the atmospheric diffusion of pollutants can be applied for a wide range of uses, such as the advance assessment of radioactive material diffusion, the design of smart cities, and the like. However, urban areas are lined with skyscrapers, complicating the flow of wind; thus, in the past, it was difficult to predict the diffusion of pollutants in a short period of time with high accuracy.

On this occasion, "CityLBM," a pollutant diffusion simulation code, has been developed for state-of-the-art supercomputers, greatly shortening calculation time. In a global first, CityLBM has realized the prediction of pollutant diffusion with further detail.

The shortened calculation time enables executing multiple calculations at once when assuming a case of differing wind speeds/directions, thereby greatly improving prediction accuracy as well.

Utilization of this code is anticipated not only in nuclear terrorism countermeasures based on the prediction of radioactive material diffusion in urban areas, but also in various engineering fields, such as smart city design.

Pollutant Diffusion Simulation with 2-m resolution for a 10km x 10km Area in Metropolitan Tokyo
The real-time simulation can be performed for any pollutant source using realistic building structures and mesoscale velocity boundary conditions.
The above simulation is executed on a single node (16 GPUs) of the GPU supercomputer DGX-2 at JAEA.

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