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Management Principles

Mission (Object of JAEA)
Contribution to the Welfare and Prosperity of Human Society through Nuclear Science and Technology
Vision (Future Image)
Exploration of a New Future with the Synergy of Nuclear and Renewable
  • It is a new sustainable future society which will have overcome dichotomy and integrated nuclear energy and renewable energy is that the future image we should strive for.
  • JAEA will make further efforts in research and development of nuclear science and technology, and contribute to the realization of the future vision by enhancing synergy, cooperation, and collaboration with all other fields, especially, renewable-related technologies.
  • Specifically, JAEA aims to change nuclear energy itself to a sustainable one, and within this broad framework, JAEA will work on the development of advanced reactors, the reduction of the volume and radiotoxicity and recycling of radioactive waste, and the completion of the decommissioning-related activities, including for the revitalization of Fukushima.
  • JAEA will explore the applicability of nuclear technology beyond the energy use to other fields which contribute to the welfare of the society.
Code of Conduct
To Act with a Goal-Oriented Approach

Each and every member of JAEA will, on the premise that safety and thorough compliance be ensured first and foremost, set his/her own goal and perform daily duties including research and development with a strong will to achieve the goal toward the realization of the vision.

Fostering a healthy organizational culture
  • JAEA is an organization that handles nuclear technology which has an inherently advanced nature and it plays a critical role with significant social impact. In order to achieve the major goal of realizing our vision, we should be conscious that we have a higher level of moral obligation and duty of care. We also aim to create and maintain an open culture with high discipline at work sites.
Preemptive safety and risk response
  • In order to earn the trust of society, it is necessary to place the highest priority on achieving and maintaining a high level of safety. While striving for constant safety improvement, we pursue further preemptive safety response based on early detection of ominous signs by strengthening on-site capabilities and lessons learned from past cases.
  • We strive to minimize impact of any risks and provide a prompt response through preemptive risk management by assuming countermeasures in advance.
Enhancing robust research and development capabilities in response to various needs of society
  • In the activities on various research and development of nuclear energy from the front-end to the back-end technologies, we aim to maximize outcomes by clarifying goals based on the various needs of society (solving immediate problems, creating a sustainable society, etc.) and by conducting creative research and development, making the best use of our strength.
  • In order for JAEA to meet the demand of society, our research and development capabilities are essential. In basic and advanced research, each researcher should clarify his/her own research goal based on the understanding of the relevant academic fields, and aim for breakthroughs. While pursuing the goal, the researcher should also
    1. cooperate with others through international joint research, etc.,
    2. aim to receive a high evaluation for a paper, and
    3. develop human resources to raise the level of research activities.
Enhancing expertise and further stirring up self-awareness of responsibilities
  • In order to maximize the performance of the JAEA as a whole toward achievement of the goals, we aim to become a group of specialists by enhancing expertise of individual staff in their respective field, such as administrative management, engineering, and research fields.
  • In achieving goals, the self-consciousness of a leader (a responsible person) on their own role is important, especially in a project style research and development program. The leader should supervise the project by managing and adjusting schedules and grasping the roles and progress of each specialist, thus taking the lead in maximizing results.
  • Each specialist should be aware that he/she is responsible for providing strong support to the leader and for ensuring the success of the project.
Not explanation but accountability
  • JAEA is responsible for explaining to the public in a way that what we would like to communicate is easily understood by the public. In various explanations that we provide in the process of achieving our goals, we must be keenly aware that our explanations should not be self-righteous. The explanations should be designed to help the understanding by the public/questioners (i.e. to provide appropriate information or response on what they want to know, to satisfy them, and to gain not only their understanding but also their trust).