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Our history

2005Oct.Inauguration of Independent Administrative Agency, Japan Atomic Energy Agency
2006Jan.Establishment of Collaboration Center for Fundamental Nuclear Energy Research
Feb.Establishment of J-PARC Center
Apr.Establishment of Aomori Liaison Office at Rokkasho village, Aomori Prefecture
2007Apr.Establishment of Aomori R&D Center (Re-organization of Aomori Liaison Office and Mutsu Nuclear Ship R&D Institute)
Jul.Establishment of Irradiation Research Reactor Center at Oarai R&D Center
Oct.Establishment of Photon Medical Collaboration Center
2008Feb.Establishment of Reactor Decommissioning Center at Tsuruga Head Office
(Name Change from Fugen Power Station)
2009Feb.Establishment of Radioactice Wastes Disposal Center
2010Dec.Establishment of Integrated Support Center for Nuclear Nonproliferation and Nuclear Security
2011MayEstablishment of Fukushima Support Center
Nov.Establishment of Fukushima Technical Center (Name Change from Fukushima Support Center)
2012Apr.A Special Task Force Team has been formulated to handle the Fukushima Accident.
2013Jun.Establishment of Smart Operation Promotion Office in Management Sector
Oct.Establishment of Monju Reformation Headquarters
2014Apr.Re-organization based on JAEA Refrom Plan
2015Apr.Name change to "National Research and Development Institute Japan Atomic Energy Agency "
Sep.Partly start operation of Naraha Center for Remote Control Technology Development
Nov.Recommendation from Nuclear Regulatory Commission to the Minister for Science and Technology on Monju Project
2016Apr.Nuclear fusion R&D and quantum beam R&D have been transferred to a newly established organization "QST"
Start of Naraha Center for Remote Control Technology Development
Dec.Decision by the Nuclear Energy Related Cabinet Ministers Meeting to discontinue Monju Project
2017Mar.Announcement of Facility Medium-/Long-Term Plan
Apr.Start operation of Collaborative Laboratories for Advanced Decommissioning Science
2018Mar.Start operation of Okuma Analysis and Research Center
Approval of Monju Decommissioning Plan
Apr.Establishment of Tsuruga Decommissioning Demonstration Sector
Jun.Governmental approval of Decommissioning Plan for the Reprocessing Facility at Tokai Reprocessing Works
Dec.Announcement of Back-end Roadmap
2019Apr.Establishment of Decommissioning and Radioactive Waste Management Head Office
Oct.Announcement of future vision "JAEA 2050+"
2020 Mar. Re-start operation of the Nuclear Safety Research Reactor
*Application for compatibility examination of new regulatory standards (2015 Mar.)
*Permission of safety review (2018 Jun.)
2021 Feb. Re-start operation of JRR-3
*Application for compatibility examination of new regulatory standards (2014 Sep.)
*Permission of safety review (2018 Nov.)
Jul. Re-start operation of HTTR
*Application for compatibility examination of new regulatory standards (2014Nov.)
*Permission of safety review (2020 Jun.)
Oct. Establishment of JAEA Innovation Hub