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Geological Isolation Research and Development

H12 report

Project Overview Report

Chapter I : High-Level Radioactive Waste Management in Japan

1.1 Utilization of the geological disposal concept

1.2 Management of HLW

1.3 Geological disposal program for HLW

Chapter II : The Geological Disposal System and the Safety Concept

2.1 Worldwide evolution of the geological disposal concept

2.2 The Japanese geological disposal concept

2.3 Components of the safety case

Chapter III : The Geological Environment of Japan

3.1 Introduction

3.2 Geosynthesis

3.3 Feasibility of siting a HLW repository in Japan

3.4 Conclusions

Chapter IV : Repository Design and Engineering Technology

4.1 Objectives of H12 with respect to design and engineering

4.2 Role of the EBS and the host rock in geological disposal concepts

4.3 Outline disposal concept

4.4 Design methodology

4.5 Factors influencing the disposal concept

4.6 Design requirements of the EBS and disposal facility

4.7 Integrity of the EBS

4.8 Construction, operation and closure

4.9 Technical overview of management of the disposal site

4.10 Conclusions

Chapter V : safety assessment

5.1 Objectives and scope of the safety assessment

5.2 safety assessment methodology

5.3 Geological disposal system and their functions

5.4 Scenario development

5.5 The Reference Case

5.6 Alternative cases

5.7 Synthesis of calculation cases illustrating overall systetm performance

5.8 Reliability of the safety assessment

5.9 Summary and conclusions

Chapter VI : Technical Basis for Site Selection and Development of safety Standerds

6.1 Introduction

6.2 Integration of technical and scientific progress as a basis for the future disposal program

6.3 Scientific and technical basis for selection of candidate disposal sites

6.4 Scientific and technical basis for formulation of the regulatory infrastructure

6.5 Summary

Chapter VII : Conclusions and Future R&D Requirements

7.1 The technical reliability of geological disposal in Japan

7.2 Research and development on geological disposal after the year 2000

7.3 for foreign audiences: Japanese waste management in the 21st century