Welcome Remark by President Tonozuka

Address by President
-Creation toward renewed Reliability-

My name is Yuichi Tonozuka. I was appointed as President of JNC as of January 2004. Before becoming the President, I had served JNC as Executive Vice President since June 2003, supervising the policy planning and administrative management of our activities. I had also assumed an overall responsibility for the preparation of the upcoming integration with Japan Atomic Energy Research Institute (JAERI).

I am honored to take up this important duty as the President at this moment when appropriate and rapid actions are required in response to a lot of issues surrounding JNC, such as the integration with JAERI and the resumption of the operation of Prototype Fast Reactor Monju.

Dr. Togo, my predecessor, has implemented numbers of new significant initiatives since the establishment of JNC as the successor organization of Power Reactor and Nuclear Fuel Development Corporation in 1998, with regaining of public trust as a priority. He also led efforts to make a preparation for the integration with JAERI as well as for the start of the upgrading work of Monju. It is noteworthy that his initiative has encouraged the favorable change of the mindsets of our employees and led to remarkable achievements in a variety of areas of our activity.

Upon the inauguration as the President, I have renewed my determination to succeed the spirit of reform and transfer it to the new integrated organization. I also consider it my responsibility to identify a new set of objectives, based on the achievements accumulated so far and clearly show them to the public. With the above in mind, I decided to adopt the "Creation toward renewed Reliability" as the new motto which the management of JNC seeks to achieve.

Let me elaborate on this motto. I am confident that it is the best way to ensure the reliability of our activities, to carry our R&D directed toward commercialization taking into account safety, active communication with the local community and the transparency of our management system. We could not exaggerate the importance of ensuring safety and of accumulating the safety record of our facility operation. It is equally important to manage JNC in the manner open to the public through the active publication of our R&D achievements and full disclosure of our transaction. Furthermore, we need to create the environment in which voices of our own employees will not be constrained. Another important aspect for the implementation of our activities is to obtain the understanding and cooperation from local communities.
What we mean by "Creation toward renewed Reliability" is to further increase the reliability of JNC based on safety, transparency and active communication with local communities.

We are in the process of the detailed discussion on the preparation for the integration with JAERI scheduled in 2005, in accordance with the principles stated in the report which was adopted by the governmental task force on 19th September 2003. If the new organization will end up becoming the simple addition of two existing institutes, the additional benefit will never be expected. We will join efforts with JAERI to create a new organization as an internationally recognized "Center of Excellence" covering all aspects of R&D in the field of nuclear energy, keeping in mind synergy through the integration of the two institutes.

In addition to that, it is our resolute to continue our efforts toward the initiation of the upgrading work of Monju, which I regard as the core of our R&D on fast reactor cycle, at the earliest possible date.

I appreciate your understanding and support to our activities.

January 2004       
Yuichi Tonozuka  
President of JNC

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