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o Energy-saving operation mode for fusion power plants developed in JT-60
- Giving prospects of reduced cost of electricity of tokamak fusion power plants -(June 23, 2005)
o Single crystal growth of plutonium compound and its novel superconducting mechanism(June 16, 2005)
o °»Radiation-induced catalytic reaction°… dramatically reduced toxic Chromium (IV) ion concentration in an aqueous solution(April 11th, 2005)
o Elucidation of the biological responses in individual cells exposed to a single heavy ion(March 15, 2005)
o The supercomputer simulations clarified the mechanism of the embrittlement of nickel by the presence of a small amount of sulfur.
- This shed some light on the cause of the cracks in nuclear reactor structures. -(January 25, 2005)
o Success to find Rutherfordium's unusual nature(January 13, 2005)
o Successful production of continuous rolls of high-performance fuel-cell membranes operating at high methanol concentrations(January 6, 2005)