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Recruitment for Excellent Young Researchers in FY 2020:Post No E0502
(Researcher, Fixed Term position)
Nuclear Science and Engineering Center

The application has already closed
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    1. Available position

      Excellent Young Researchers: 1 position

    2. Research Division of assignment (tentative)

      Sector of Nuclear Science Research,
      Nuclear Science Research Institute,
      Nuclear Science and Engineering Center

    3. Type of researchers to seek (research area etc)

      [Development of new analytical method for a variety of elements in the field of nuclear materials]
      In the field of nuclear engineering, almost all elements in the periodic table are subject to develop analytical methods for various elements. Therefore, this recruitment seeks the following people who specialize in chemistry.
      Those who are willing to independently create and carry out the development of new chemical anaysis methods that contribute to the nuclear field (e.g., radioactive materials, actinides, radiation, nuclear power generation, radioactive waste, Fukushima decommissioning, etc.) by making full use of spectroscopy, etc, and perform analytical researches using them. Candidates are willing to promote research in cooperation with researchers in the Nuclear Chemistry Division, Nuclear Science and Engineering Center. Any specialized fields are acceptable if you have experience in chemical research (Examples: analytical chemistry, radiochemistry, environmental chemistry, elemental separation, isotope separation, complex chemistry, structural chemistry, molecular spectroscopy, radiation chemistry, computational chemistry, etc.).Research experience in the field of nuclear power is not demanded.

    4. Work location (tentative)

      2-4 Shirakata, Tokai-mura, Naka-gun, Ibaraki 319-1195, Japan

    5. Eligibility

      The candidate who apply for "Leading Initiative for Excellent Young Researchers (LEADER)."
      (This post is only for Excellent Young Researchers)
      This post requires “Advance notice" for negotiation among the parties.

    6. Terms of employments

      (1) Salary:Annual salary system based on the applicant’s work experience and JAEA’s administrative rules, Commutation allowance, Housing allowance

      (2) Social Insurance, etc.:Health insurance, Welfare pension insurance, Corporate pension fund, Employment insurance, Industrial accident compensation insurance

      (3) Housing:Dormitory for family and singles

      (4) Working Hours:9:00~17:30 *Discretionary Labor System is applicable

      (5) Break Time:12:00~13:00

      (6) Holidays:Weekend (Saturday and Sunday), National holidays, Year-end and new-year holidays, Annual paid leave, Special Leave, etc.

      (7) Trial employment period:6 months

    7. Contract term (tentative)

      1 year
      (The contract term can be extended up to 5 years upon annual review of research achievements and upon the funding.)
      Should you achieve outstanding results during your temporary employment, you could be offered a position as permanent staff.

    8. Deadline for submission of application (Advance notice deadline)

      17:00(JST), May 29, 2020 (Deadline for receipt. Japan time.)

    9. Necessary documents and application procedures

      (1) Curriculum vitae (use JAEA form) (PDF, WORD)
      * Please fill in the Post number you want to apply in “fill in freely on requests regarding salary, office hours, place of work, etc.”

      (2) Application documents when applied for "Leading Initiative for Excellent Young Researchers".
      (Researcher Form 1 (including the Attached Document) and 2)

      (3) One or two letter(s) of recommendation written by senior researcher who well knows your research and personality.
      * Including one from the current supervisor is better.
      * Letter(s) written by a JAEA employee will not be accepted.
      * Submit by any of the following way;
      1.By mail from applicant after recommender signed and sealed.
      Copy or opened one is not accepted.
      2.By mail from recommender to Personnel Section directly.
      3.By Email from recommender to Personnel Section directly. Attach the signed letter in PDF format.

      (4) Consent for the Treatment of Personal Data(PDF, WORD)
      *Only for residents in any one of EEA member countries, namely a member country of the EU, and Iceland, Liechtenstein or Norway.

    10. Address of submission of application

      [By E-mail]
      Write in subject [Application for Excellent Young Researchers in 2020 E0502(applicant name)].
      Attach all necessary documents in PDF format. If you do not receive the acknowledgement email within a week, please contact us at the email address in “Contact & inquiries" below. We cannot accept when requirement is incomplete.

      jinji-saiyo[at]jaea.go.jp (Replace [at] with @ )

      [By post]
      Mark “Application documents for recruitment of Excellent Young Researchers” in red on the envelope.

      Personnel Section,
      Personnel Department,
      Japan Atomic Energy Agency
      765-1 Funaishikawa, Tokai-mura, Naka-gun, Ibaraki 319-1184, Japan

    11. Recruitment examination for JAEA(Negotiation among the parties)

      (1) Application screening
      The screening result will be notified by e-mail.

      (2) Examination of research achievements (presentation using PowerPoint file or etc. and Q&A)
      It will be carried out to on the applicant who selected as EYR candidates in the FY2020 and passed (1)Application screening.

      (3) Interview
      It will be carried out to the applicant who passed (2)Examination of research achievements.

    12. Place for Recruitment examination (planned)

      Nuclear Science Research Institute
      2-4 Shirakata, Tokai-mura, Naka-gun, Ibaraki 319-1195, Japan
      Head Office
      765-1 Funaishikawa, Tokai-mura, Naka-gun, Ibaraki 319-1184, Japan
      *It may be subject to change.

    13. Date of recruitment examination (tentative)

      During July to August, 2020
      *It may be subject to change.

    14. Starting date

      At the earliest possible date.

    15. Travel expenses

      We will cover your travel expenses for “Interview” in accordance with JAEA travel allowance regulations.

    16. Contact & inquiries

      Ms. Rina Wakayama,
      Personnel Section,
      Personnel Department,
      E-Mail: jinji-saiyo [at]jaea.go.jp (Replace [at] with @ )

    17. Points to note

      (1) The successful applicant is supposed to submit the following documents.
      ・Certificate of Ph.D Degree
      ・Medical certificate taken within 6 months (including height, weight, eyesight, urinalysis, chest X-ray).

      (2) The successful applicant without Japanese Nationality is required to obtain a necessary visa status to work in Japan by the date of adoption.

    18. Treatment of personal information

      We will use personal information only for the screening process. It will also be used for employment management for those employed. The information of the unsuccessful applicants will be discard a year after the submission.