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Recruitment for Postdoctoral Fellow
(Fixed-term researcher)

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    Department Section Location Contact Person Radiation Worker/
    Non-Radiation Worker
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    J3Experimental and analytical studies on the fuel behavior under accident conditions of light-water-reactor
    Nuclear Safety Research CenterFuel Safety Research GroupNuclear Science Research InstituteMasaki Amaya
    Tel: +81-29-282-5028
    E-mail: amaya.masaki@jaea.go.jp
    Non-Radiation WorkerMechanics,
    Electricity and Electronics,
    Measurements and Instruments,
    Computer and Information,
    The objective of this study is to develop and/or improve models concerning fuel behavior under reactivity-initiated accidents (RIAs), loss-of-coolant accidents (LOCAs), etc. by conducting experiments on light-water-reactor fuel and/or analyses using calculation codes etc. The following or related studies will be carried out.
    ・Model development and evaluation by using calculation codes etc., concerning effects of the deformation of fuel cladding tube and axial relocation of fuel pellets inside the fuel rod on the fuel temperature during LOCAs.
    ・Analysis and model improvement in terms of fuel dispersal behavior following failures of fuel cladding tube during accidents by using calculation codes etc.
    J20 Study on Advanced Nuclear Materials by Nanostructure Control
    Advanced Science Research CenterResearch Group for Nanoscale Structure and Function of Advanced MaterialsNuclear Science Research InstituteSatoshi Yasuda
    Tel: +81-29-284-3504
    E-mail: yasuda.satoshi@jaea.go.jp
    Radiation WorkerMaterial,
    Applied Physics,
    Applied Chemistry,
    Electricity and Electronics
    Studies on nano-fabrication and characterization will be performed for novel multi-functionalized materials. Molecular beam epitaxial (MBE), scanning tunneling microscopy (STM) and electrochemical methods will be used for the research (e.g. elucidation of surface reaction and structures of surface oxygen sensor in liquid metal for partitioning and transmutation technology).
    J31Study of Performance Improvement for the J-PARC linac
    J-PARC CenterAccelerator DivisionJ-PARC CenterHidetomo Oguri
    Tel: +81-29-284-3132
    E-mail: oguri.hidetomo@jaea.go.jp
    Radiation WorkerPhysics,
    Applied Physics,
    Electricity and Electronics,
    Measurements and Instruments
    The goal of the J-PARC proton accelerators is to achieve stable beam operation at 1 MW. The linac is a beam injector for the J-PARC accelerator. Beam loss reduction is crucial to increase beam power and to achieve stable operation. And also, long-lasting component and failure prediction diagnosis are important for reliable operation. The subject of this theme is to study of performance improvement for the J-PARC linac. He/she will perform a study of beam loss reduction theoretically or experimentally, or a development of long-lasting component or failure prediction diagnosis for stabler operation of the linac.
    J33Development of scanning neutron microscope system
    J-PARC CenterTechnology Development SectionJ-PARC CenterKazuya Aizawa
    Tel: +81-29-284-3703
    E-mail: aizawa.kazuya@jaea.go.jp
    Radiation WorkerMeasurements and Instruments,
    Electricity and Electronics,
    Applied Physics,
    The employee will develop a neutron detector by new detection principle with fast readout and super-high spatial resolution based on superconducting detector in Materials and Life Science Experimental Facility at J-PARC. The goals of the theme are an establishment of an energy-dispersive scanning neutron-microscope system and its application to materials and life science research.