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Recruitment for Postdoctoral Fellow
(Fixed-term researcher)

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    Department Section Location Contact Person Radiation Worker/
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    J23Elucidation of radiation effects due to exposure from insoluble particle
    Nuclear Science and Engineering CenterResearch Group for Radiation Transport AnalysisNuclear Science Research InstituteTatsuhiko Sato
    Tel: +81-29-282-5803
    E-mail: sato.tatsuhiko@jaea.go.jp
    Radiation WorkerRadiation,
    Computer and Information,
    Measurements and Instruments
    When a person inhales insoluble cesium with high radioactivity (so-called, Cs-ball), radiation dose can be extremely high within a limited micro region. Then, radiation effects can differ between insoluble cesium and cesium in other chemical forms. Aims of this theme are to clarify physical characteristics for internal exposure from Cs-ball using the Particle and Heavy Ion Transport code System (PHITS) and to elucidate influences of the physical characteristics on radiation effects (e.g., cell population response) by experimental studies.
    J32The experimental study to elucidate the relationship between functions and dynamics of bio-macromolecules using deuterated samples
    J-PARC CenterNeutron Science SectionJ-PARC CenterKaoru Shibata
    Tel: +81-29-284-3199
    E-mail: shibata.kaoru@jaea.go.jp
    Radiation WorkerBiology,
    Measurements and Instruments
    By mainly using the inelastic and quasielastic scattering spectrometer DNA installed in J-PARC/MLF neutron facility, the corresponding researcher will perform the experimental study to investigate the relationship between functions and dynamics of bio-macromolecules, such as the molecular mechanisms of the functions of enzymatic proteins, using particularly the deuterated protein samples.
    Therefore, it will be given special importance that the corresponding researcher has the extensive experience of preparation of bio-macromolecules, especially proteins by using bacterial expression systems.
    The corresponding researcher will also be expected to perform the research assistance for the related research fields in addition to his/her own research.
    F7Exploration and elucidation of novel interaction between microorganisms and radionuclides
    Advanced Science Research CenterResearch Group for Interfacial Reaction Field ChemistryNuclear Science Research InstituteKazuya Tanaka
    Tel: +81-29-284-3518
    E-mail: tanaka.kazuya@jaea.go.jp
    Radiation WorkerChemistry,
    Geo and Environemtal Sciences,
    Applied Chemistry
    It is widely known that microorganisms affect the environmental migration behavior of radionuclides in various stiations. This theme performs fundamental research on microbial influence on the chemical states of radionuclides, the response of microorganisms to radionuclides, and microbial influence on interaction amongradionuclides, minerals, and plants. This study aims to discover and elucidate novel phenomena.