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Recruitment for Postdoctoral Fellow
(Fixed-term researcher)

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    Department Section Location Contact Person Radiation Worker/
    Non-Radiation Worker
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    J9Study on a Level 3 Probabilistic Risk Analysis of nuclear power plants
    Nuclear Safety Research CenterRadiation Risk Analysis Research GroupNuclear Science Research InstituteMasanori Kimura
    Tel: +81-29-282-5459
    E-mail: kimura.masanori@jaea.go.jp
    Non-Radiation WorkerPhysics,
    Geo and Environemtal Sciences,
    Architectural and Civil Engineering,
    Computer and Information
    A level 3 probabilistic risk assessment (PRA) is an offsite consequence analysis for a severe accident and estimates the frequency and severity of the consequences to the public. Probabilistic accident consequence assessment models and computer codes are an integral part of level 3 PRA of nuclear power plants. Our research group has developed a level 3 PRA code, OSCAAR. In this theme, researches on the probabilistic accident consequence assessment for health effects and economic consequence are conducted considering site-dependent on metrological, population, agricultural and economic data by using OSCAAR.
    J13Experimental and theoretical studies of exotic nuclei
    Advanced Science Research CenterSector of Nuclear Science ResearchNuclear Science Research InstituteKatsuhisa Nishio
    Tel: +81-29-282-5454
    E-mail: nishio.katsuhisa@jaea.go.jp
    Radiation WorkerPhysics,
    Applied Physics,
    Measurements and Instruments,
    Computer and Information,
    Experimental and theoretical studies of unstable nuclei and superheavy elements will be prompted. The research topics include nucler structure, nuclear reaction, and nuclear fission for nuclei far from the stable isotopes. In experimental programs, JAEA facilities and/or external facilities will be used to produce exotic nuclei. In theorey subjects nuclear structure and fission process will be studied by taking advantage of the JAEA supercomputer.
    F4Mid- and Long-term stability of Fuel Debris
    Collaborative Laboratories for Advanced Decommissioning Science (CLADS)Fuel Debris Environmental Behavior Analysis GroupNuclear Fuel Cycle Engineering LaboratoriesTadahiro Washiya
    Tel: +81-29-282-1133(66003)
    E-mail: washiya.tadahiro@jaea.go.jp
    Radiation WorkerChemistry,
    Researcher will clarify the state of Pu in dominant phases of fuel debris and investigate chemical state of Pu such as the valent and solubilities of Pu in each phase and consider the possibility of Pu doposition in fuel debris
    F7Exploration and elucidation of novel interaction between microorganisms and radionuclides
    Advanced Science Research CenterResearch Group for Interfacial Reaction Field ChemistryNuclear Science Research InstituteKazuya Tanaka
    Tel: +81-29-284-3518
    E-mail: tanaka.kazuya@jaea.go.jp
    Radiation WorkerChemistry,
    Geo and Environemtal Sciences,
    Applied Chemistry
    It is widely known that microorganisms affect the environmental migration behavior of radionuclides in various stiations. This theme performs fundamental research on microbial influence on the chemical states of radionuclides, the response of microorganisms to radionuclides, and microbial influence on interaction amongradionuclides, minerals, and plants. This study aims to discover and elucidate novel phenomena.