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Recruitment for Postdoctoral Fellow (Fixed-term researcher)

The application has already closed

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    1. Recruitment field

      -Computational science
      -Advanced science research
      -Nuclear science and engineering
      -Nuclear safety research
      -Advanced nuclear system research and development
      -Geological isolation research and development
      -Other related research fields

      For more information, see “Recruitment Field for Postdoctoral Fellow of JAEA Thema”.

      *If you wish to confirm the subjects by major, please click the following.

      Physics Chemistry Mathematics Geo and Environemtal Sciences Biology Radiation
      Mechanics Material Electricity and Electronics Architectural and Civil Engineering Applied Physics Applied Chemistry
      Chemical Engineering Measurements and Instruments Computer and Information Nuclear Nonproliferation and Nuclear Security Other All
    2. Available positions

      About 20 persons

      (The number might be changed without notice.)

    3. Starting date of employment

      April 1, 2018 (in principle)

    4. Contract

      Period of employment is a maximum of 1 fiscal year.

      The contract period can be renewed but the total contract period is a maximum of 3 fiscal years (until March 31, 2021) depending upon the annual review of your research progress.

      * If you are a fixed-term employee of JAEA at present, the extension of employment contract will be limited to five years in total from the original recruitment.

      Should you achieve outstanding results during your fixed-term employment, you could be offered a position as permanent staff.

    5. Terms of employment

      (1) Salary
      Annual salary JPY 5,040,000 (as of April 1, 2017) including social insurance and tax
      (Paid in 1/12 equal monthly payments 420,000yen/month)

      (2) Allowance
      Commutation allowance, Housing allowance, etc.

      (3) Holidays
      Weekend (Saturday and Sunday), National holidays, Year-end and new-year holidays, Paid holidays

    6. Qualification requirements

      (1) Having a PhD degree related to recruitment field (at the time of assignment)

      (2) Having a PhD obtained after April 1, 2010

      (3) Applicant previously employed as JAEA Postdoctoral Fellow cannot apply.

    7. Necessary documents and application procedures

      (1) Application form (Form 1-1, Form 1-2, Form2-1, Form2-2, Form3, Form4)
      Download from here: [PDF, WORD]

      (2) Transcripts (for bachelor)

      (3) Photocopy of PhD.diploma (who has a PhD) or Certification for expected completion of PhD course (who is in PhD course)

      (4) One or two letter(s) of recommendation written by senior researcher who well knows your research and personality.

      * Including one from the current supervisor is better.

      * Letter(s) written by a JAEA employee will not be accepted.

      * Please submit from the applicant himself after recommender sealed the letter tightly.

    8. Address for submission of application

      Personnel Section

      Personnel Department

      Japan Atomic Energy Agency

      765-1 Funaishikawa, Tokai-mura, Naka-gun, Ibaraki 319-1184, Japan

      (Mark in red “Application documents for Postdoctoral Fellow” on the envelope.)

    9. Application deadline

      August 14, 2017 (Deadline for receipt)

    10. Application screening

      Applicants will be screened based on their submitted documents.

      The screening result will be notified to the applicants by e-mail or by writing.

      Note that application documents will not be returned.

    11. Recruitment examination

      (1) Examination of research achievements (presentation using PowerPoint file or etc. and Q&A)

      (2) Interview

    12. Result of recruitment examination

      The result of recruitment examination will be notified to the applicants in writing by the end of October.

    13. Travel expenses

      We will refund your travel expenses for the recruitment examination according to the JAEA’s administrative rules.

      We can only bear the actual travel cost in Japan.

      Detailed information will be provided to the candidates.

    14. Points to note

      (1) Applicants who pass the application screening are supposed to submit medical in English certificate taken within 6 months (including height, weight, eyesight, urinalysis, chest X-ray).

      (2) Candidates without Japanese Nationality are required to obtain a necessary visa status to work in Japan by the date of adoption.

    15. Contact persons

      Personnel Section
      Personnel Department
      Japan Atomic Energy Agency
      765-1 Funaishikawa, Tokai-mura, Naka-gun, Ibaraki 319-1184, Japan
      Tel: +81-29-282-9482
      Fax: +81-29-283-4701
      E-mail: jinji-saiyo@jaea.go.jp

    16. Purposes of Using Personal Information

      We will use personal information only for the screening process. It will also be used for employment management for those employed. The information of the unsuccessful applicants will be discard a year after the submission.