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Realization of high stability of a large spinmotive force signal

Apr. 17, 2012

Japan Atomic Energy Agency has discovered that the large spinmotive force can be realized in materials with high magnetic anisotropy.

Since Michel Faraday discovered the inductive electromotive force more than 180 years ago, it has been a fundamental law in the basic electromagnetism, offering an operation principle of a huge range of electric devices.

The quantum mechanics was established in 1926, telling us that in the microscopic world the “spinE the intrinsic angular momentum of electrons, plays essential roles and gives rise to magnetism. Owing to the rapid growth of the nanotechnology, study of the spin physics is becoming more and more important. In this context, an electromotive force of spin origin has been newly discovered, enabling the direct conversion of magnetic energy of the ferromagnetic materials into the electric energy. This “spinmotive forceEis thought of as a promising phenomenon for future nanodevice applications. However, we have been faced the problem that the spinmotive force signals have been so unstable that the magnitude of the spinmotive force has been strongly limited.

In this research, we have found that the problem can be overcome by using materials with high magnetic anisotropy. Depending on the magnitude of magnetic anisotropy the spinmotive force that is 10-100 times greater than that reported thus far can be stably generated (Fig. 1). In addition, we have revealed that such materials have advantage in downsizing the devices. This work opened the door for the realization of spinmotive force devices.

These findings have been published in “Applied Physics LettersE(April 16, 2012) and selected for the issue of “Virtual Journal of Nanoscience & TechnologyE(April 30, 2012).

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