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Development of Inspection and Repair Technology for Fast Reactors

-Loose Parts Recovery Technology in Sodium-

Tsurusoken tried to recover simulated loose parts in a sodium pot, and conducted visualization tests with ultrasound and recovery tests with a prototype recovery device.

1. By pressing the recovery device from above, the tips of the device are transformed into a shape that matches the loose parts.

2. Tighten it from the outside and fix the loose parts.

Prototype loose part recovery device image

Prototype loose part recovery device

(We devised it to be a simple and robust structure)

down arrow image

We gained basic knowledge about remote maintenance technology in opaque liquid sodium.

estimate the approximate position image
We confirmed that ultrasound can estimate the approximate position of loose parts in sodium.

Bolts recovered from sodium image
We confirmed that it is possible to recover simulated loose parts with the prototype recovery device