ISCN-WINS Workshop

ISCN-WINS Workshop
“Nuclear Security and Corporate Governance in Post-3/11 Japan”
March 5 and 6, 2012
Gakushikaikan (Tokyo)
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This workshop was designed for nuclear operators, regulatory authorities, and other relevant governmental officials. It was to discuss the importance of collaboration and cooperation between practitioners and security authorities. The Workshop was co-hosted by the World Institute for Nuclear Security (WINS).

The major characteristic for this workshop is the introduction of “theatre-based Session”, in which professional actors perform a nuclear security event scene based on a specific scenario, and participants have discussions on that story.

On the first day of the workshop, two actors play the roles of Director of a nuclear power station and Chief police officer in a fictional town. From their conversations, it was revealed that there was a lack of mutual trust between them, they had no common sense of threat, they only made comments from their own standpoints, etc. Led by a facilitator, each group of participants discussed ways to improve this situation.

In the next day’s session, the actors performed scenes ranging from nuclear materials having been stolen to having a threat letter sent to the Director of the power station. The latter scenario hinted at the participation of insiders. In the station, the threat letter was dealt with as a fake letter out of desire to avoid receiving bad reputation. Eventually it was revealed that the letter was sent by an insider. The participants actively discussed the decision-making process of their own organizations and how they could be improved.

Feedback from the participants showed that the theatre-based sessions were extremely well received. Unlike general lectures or presentations, it provided a more realistic sense of the situations and threats. Also the actors’ dramatic performance contributed to a sense of tension. The interest created by the session style led to concrete discussions that greatly benefited the participants.

WINS is an international NGO established in 2008. It has been providing various workshops around the world as an international forum to share the best practices of nuclear security. This workshop was the second WINS workshop in Japan, the first being held in September, 2010.