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Fugen is a heavy water-moderated, boiling light water-cooled, pressure tube-type reactor. It started the operating in March 1979 and was brought a function as the power station to a halt in March 2003. Thereafter, the decommissioning preliminary stage was set in, and the decommissioning plan of Fugen was approved by safety authority in February 2008. We are focusing on the first project of the decommissioning on a large-scale water reactor, taking the lead in the Light Water Reactor, in Japan.

At present, we are dismantling a part of the turbine system, also studying the process to be applied for the reactor core dismantlement and the cutting devices using the laser technology. We will apply studied results to our decommissioning , also release the lessons learned and/or the results at our work for the decommissioning of the light water reactor to come.

The principals in our decommissioning are as follows;
(1) Securing of the safety
(2) Practical decommissioning by effective use of ready-made technology
(3) Load reduction to environment such as decreases of generated waste
(4) Promotion of information disclosure
(5) Promotion of the project with acceptance by regional society

Since the decommissioning work of the nuclear reactor has limited experience in worldwide, we have set up an in-house committee that consists of the specialists in the universities and electric power companies etc. for getting the opinion on directionality of the approach and the study on our decommissioning. In addition, for realizing the pioneering decommissioning operating, we are performing the technical information exchange, a joint research and send our personnel under the cooperative agreement with domestic electric power companies, universities, and also such countries, UK, France, and Korea. Through these programs, we are promoting our project in sincerity.

We will aim at the practical decommissioning for the nuclear reactor which is safety and reliable and would like to ask your continued support for the future.

Director General
Fugen Decommissioning Engineering Center

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