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Policies of HTGR Development in Japan

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    Technical development of HTGR is stated in the following policies approved by the Cabinet.


   "Strategic Energy Plan" approved by the Cabinet on April 11, 2014

    Under international cooperation, government of Japan facilitates R&D of nuclear technologies that serve the safety improvement of nuclear use, such as high-temperature gas-cooled reactors which are expected to be utilized in various industries including hydrogen production and which has inherent safety.


   "Growth Strategy 2017" approved by the Cabinet on June 9, 2017

*    From the viewpoint of improving the safety, reducing the volume of radioactive waste, reducing the level of harmfulness, etc., the government will advance research and development for the future on the premise of nuclear non-proliferation efforts, by utilizing ··· the test research reactors that include high-temperature gas reactors, while properly advancing international cooperation, ···. At the same time, the government will steadily work on the human resource development, etc. in such fields.



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